June 11, 2010

Polish,polish and more polish

I've been so busy no time to pamper myself let alone paint my nails but that has not stopped me from buying more and more polish (LIKE I NEED MORE) I have so many that are untries it's not even funny :) At the moment there's no point in painting my nails cause I'm working my butt off in the garden now that it's finally warm. I've borken off most of my nails on my left hand :( I even wore gloves *CRIES* and that did not help. But I'm having a good time planning my new garden and seeing it come to life. Ok Ok I'm done jabbering lol

Here are some of the polishes that I got my hands on in the last month. Loads of summer colors.

From left to right

* Catrice Limited Edition Pebble Beach
* Catrice Limited Edition Sea Of Green
* Emily Apricot
* Emily Fresh Mint

Left to right

* Catrice I Scream Peach
* Catrice Londen's Weather Forecast
* Catrice Don't Feed The Birds
* Catrice Lost In Mud

Left to right

* Essence Sun Club Collection

* Sunny Side Up
* Chocolicious
* Meet Me At The Club
* Raspberry Sorbet
* On Holiday...

Left to right

* OPI Nicole Jump Jivin' Pink
* Debby 55 No name (Spring Green)
* Alessandro 240 No name (Peachy Orange)
* Essence Jelly Baby Collection Cotton Candy
* Essence Jelly Baby Collection Yummy Gummy
* Manhattan Lotus Effect 157 No name (Shimmering Green)

I hope the nails on my left hand grow back soon so I can show some of my new polishes off.

Thanks for looking.
June 7, 2010


Hello ladie's!!

I know i've been so busy leaving you high and dry with no nail polish fumes to SNIFF ;) I've gotten so many new polishes and swaps,so I hope to try out afew manis for you. I'll post some pic's soon.


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