December 20, 2013

Essence Ice Ice Baby Collection PREVIEW

Essence has a new collection coming out called "Ice Ice Baby"

the coolest products for all winter beauties! this trend edition presents a holographic and iridescent color scheme consisting of silver, blue, pink, purple, green and soft beige implemented in unique products that ensure awesome style for ice skaters and all other winter adventuresses.

in addition to shimmering products for your nails, eyes and face, this trend edition also provides the ideal care for your lips and hands. the absolute must-have is the cool cable clip to keep your headphones in place while you listen to your favorite tunes.On sale from 01.2014 to 02.2014

ice ice baby - eyeshadow

these highly pigmented eyeshadows are sure to make the eyes of all winter beauties sparkle as bright as tiny ice crystals. the three eyeshadows have a cool snowflake embossment. this not only gives the cute eyeshadows a wintery look but also creates a metallic finish for your eye make-up.

available in 01 do the rittberger, 02 junior championship and 03 ice crystals everywhere.

ice ice baby - shimmer powder

the shimmer powder is enriched with light-reflecting pigments for a radiant complexion at all times. the shade adapts to every skin tone and can be used as an all-over-shimmer or as a highlighter. there’s a cute snowflake embossment with purple glitter spray on the surface of the texture to provide subtle color effects.

available in 01 ice skating @ rockefellers.

ice ice baby - nail polish

these four nail polishes have a holographic shimmer to go with the frosty time of year. they’re super longlasting and are sure to withstand every figure skating session with ease!

available in 01 junior championship, 02 do the rittberger, 03 ice skates on! and 04 icebreaker.

ice ice baby - eye pencil

breathtaking moments are guaranteed thanks to the three eye pencils with an extreme metallic effect. they have a super soft mine with intense color-dispersion to give your eye make-up a cool metal finish.

available in 01 ice crystals everywhere, 02 icebreaker and 03 ice skates on!

ice ice baby - lip balm

the pampering lip balm ensures velvety, soft lips and they conjure-up a touch of color on your face at the same time. now you can head for the ice-rink and nothing will stand in the way of loop jumps, flips & co!

available in 01 backflip and 02 do the rittberger.

ice ice baby - 24h hand protection balm

a must-have this winter season if you want to avoid dry, chapped hands. it pampers stressed skin with rich shea butter and coconut oil to make them feel super soft again. ideal for winter beauties who don’t want to hide their awesome ice ice baby polish underneath gloves when they head for the rink!

available in 01 let me hold your hand.

ice ice baby - cable clip

this cute cable clip keeps headphones for mp3 players and smartphones in place so they’re ready for action at all times! simply roll-up your headphone cables and clip it around them so they don’t get tangled. and the cute snowflake design makes them easy to find.

available in 01 dancing on ice.

I want the eyeshadows, shimmer powder and a few of the nail polishes. What do you think about this collection anything your interested in?

December 19, 2013

Essence Kalinka Beauty Collection PREVIEW

Essence has a new collection coming out called "Kalinka Beauty" Here is what Essence has to say about this collection.

folklore patterns and lace adorn the designs of the beauty pieces and are combined with a bright color scheme of warm red, orange, apricot, beige, brown, green and brilliant blue.

in addition to focusing on the eyes, lips, face and nails, this trend edition has another special must-have in store for you: the cute matryoshka – the world-famous russian doll and the ultimate souvenir – is embodied in the shape of a unique purse. the single lashes in black, green and red also ensure an eye-catching look.

welcome to russia… with essence!

Kalinka beauty - purse

the cute purse with a matryoshka design is an absolute must-have – and not just for souvenir hunters! it’s ideal for storing money, cash cards and even little beauty utensils.

Kalinka beauty - mono eyeshadow

these eyeshadows with a high pigmentation and a creamy texture create trendy eye make-up styles in fresh apricot, earthy brown or cool green.

available in 01 from russia with love, 02 babushka me and 03 green scene.

Kalinka beauty - duo lip cream

the highly pigmented duo lip cream with one matt and one shiny formula offers your lips long-lasting color. the subtly shimmering, glossy cream can also be used as a topper.

available in 01 meet me @ red square and 02 east side story.

Kalinka beauty - hair mascara

with the hair mascara in trendy orange or glamorous bronze, you can give your hair awesome color highlights as reaks or at the ends. the mascara is super-easy to apply and rinses out with shampoo.

available in 01 east side story and 02 babushka me.

Kalinka beauty - eyebrow styler

the duo eyebrow styler is a true all-rounder. one end of the pen emphasizes your brows while the other end is a transparent positioning pen for long-lasting eyebrow make-up. super-practical: there’s a little brush integrated in the cap to ensure perfect shape.

available in 01 babushka me and 02 how to be russian.

Kalinka beauty - blush

the silky-soft powder texture of the blush in a bright apricot-orange gives your cheeks a gorgeous flush to counteract pale winter skin. as well as providing beautiful red cheeks, the matryoshka packaging is a real eye-catcher, too!

Kalinka beauty - nail polish

the four new colors in blue, orange, apricot and green with a gorgeous pearl effect! they create cool, long-lasting nail styles that turn your nails into a trendy winter statement.

available in 01 absolut blue, 02 east side story, 03 from russia with love and 04 green scene.

Kalinka beauty - lip brush

the lip brush with a slanted tip and thick, dense bristles ensures accurate definition for the contours of your lips and is ideal for the application of the duo lip cream.

Kalinka beauty - single lashes

the false single lashes in the three eye-catching colors black, green and orange are the ultimate it-pieces of this collection. they set cool highlights – placed on the outer edges, between your lashes or all over! one set contains 40 single lashes including lash glue.

Hubby is from Russia so I think this collection is cute! I'm interested in the blush maybe afew of the polishes and 1 or 2 of the eyeshadows. What do you think about this collection anything you like?

October 6, 2013

Catrice “Arts Collection” collection PREVIEW

Catrice has a new collection coming out called “Arts Collection”. Here is what Catrice has to say about it:

Limited Edition “Arts Collection” by CATRICE

Art Gallery: unique elements of style and characteristic patterns from three different eras. The Limited Edition “Arts Collection” by CATRICE takes you on a journey through the history of art and pays homage to days gone by. The current fashion shows are also experiencing a renaissance of the “more is more” attitude: richly embroidered robes, heavy brocade cloths and contrasting metallic elements adorn the inspiring designs. In this limited edition elaborate opulence, impressive effects and perfectly aligned colours honour the epochs of art nouveau, baroque and art deco. The spirit of each period is reflected in the corresponding unique make-up palette – available from October to November 2013 – and invites its wearer to a true vernissage of beauty. A new opulence – by CATRICE.

Eye and Face Palette:

Each artfully decorated “Arts Collection“ Eye and Face Palette contains: six powder eyeshadows with various effects, a blush shade for a fresh complexion, a highlighter for that extra special glow as well as black eyeliner and an applicator. The colour schemes of the eyeshadows range from rosé and rosewood shades to green and gold nuances to copper and anthracite tones. The design boxes have the look of a collector’s item and reflect the special characteristics of each era: playful ornaments for baroque, floral patterns and curvy contours for art nouveau and clearly defined geometric structures for art deco.

C01 Eye and Face Palette
C02 Eye and Face Palette
C03 Eye and Face Palette

Nail polish:

Three Ultimate Nail Lacquers with an ultimate longlasting texture, ultimate coverage and ultimate shine complement the must-have boxes. The colour as well as the design of each nail polish bottle is perfectly aligned with the respective epoch and the trendiest colours of the coming Autumn/Winter season: glamorous pink, sensual green and elegant gold.

C01 Pinkroque
C02 Forevergreen
C03 Bronze-Deco

You can follow Catrice on Facebook to find out about other collection's coming out soon.

So what do you think about this collection? I for one LOVE the design, I'll be getting the nail polishes (of course) LOL I need to see the palettes in person before deciding on them.

Thanks for looking,


September 4, 2013

Essence Oktoberfest Collection PREVIEW

Essence Oktoberfest Collection.

Here is what Essence has to say about this collection:

Essence mog di – that’s bavarian and means “essence likes you”! our new trend editionoktoberfest” is all about the largest fair in the world. it’s finally time to dust off your dirndls and lederhosen and present them on the “wiesn”, the site of the ultimate german festival. the cute products in this trend edition ensure that all girls are perfectly equipped: charming designs with hearts, ribbons, pretzels and checkers combined with a range of colours including green, blue, purple, red, greyish brown, soft rosé and nude create a true oktoberfest flair. 

Paper lashes:

servus, grüzi and hello! you’re guaranteed to attract plenty of attention with these unique and elaborate paper lashes with heart designs. and here’s how they work: simply apply the included glue along the lash strip of the paper lashes and position on the outer edge of your eye and then press lightly, working your way to the inner corner of your eye. now you can admire the wow effect! available in 01 der berg ruft!

Eyeshadow & lipgloss set:

a riesengaudi! the cute eyeshadow & lipgloss set is available in two colour variations - rosé-purple and red-blue-brown - and are sure to put everyone in the mood for a party. with two shimmering eyeshadow shades and a matching lipgloss each, you can create gorgeous colour highlights in a flash. available in 01 i mog di! 02 mogst mi?

Lip balm:

bavarian balm! this lip balm gives your lips a rosé touch and a light shimmer. the practical small jar with “oktoberfest” lettering is a must-have for every sweet little bavarian felt handbag. feel like a “bussal” kiss? available in 01 servus.

Multicolour blush:

every girl needs rosy cheeks, whether she’s bavarian or not. the multicolour blush with a gingerbread heart design and subtle shimmer pigments conjures-up a fresh and rosy complexion. available in 01 fesches madl! 

Oktoberfest nail polish:

matching nail polish to go with your dirndl is absolutely essential! this long-lasting nail polish with high coverage in purple, pastel green, rosé and red completes your oktoberfest style. available in 01 spatzl, 02 mauserl, 03 herzl and 04 bussal.

Nail art sticker:

wiesn fun right down to your fingertips… with the self-adhesive nail stickers, it’s super easy to decorate your nails with hearts, pretzels and ribbons. welcome to munich! available in 01 munich calling. 


the lovingly crafted heart purse with “spatzi” lettering is the perfect place to keep your beauty utensils and other small items. tip: you can attach this practical purse to the apron of your dirndl when you head to the wiesn. available in 01 dirndl girl.


retzel bracelet! accessorize your oktoberfest outfit with savory arm candy - the trendy pink or purple bracelet has an adorable silver-coloured pretzel element. available in 01 bavarian beauty.

So what do you think about this collection? The only thing I may get is the blush.

June 2, 2013

My very own nail polish room!

Hallo my Lovelies,

I disappeared on you again and I'm sorry about that. I've been so busy with work, buying new stuff for the house and remodeling that I've had no time to paint my nails (Pouts) believe me I've missed it!!!

As the heading says I've finally got my own nail room (excited) Now I have my nail polish all in one place and not strode over the whole house.

as you can see I choose black and white (I think they look so elegant together)

Hubby was so sweet and helped me with everything. (awwwwww) Here he is putting the highboard together.


Now I need to try and fit all of my babies on the shelfs. Let me just tell you I DON'T have much room anymore.

I'm still waiting on my new chair to come in.

I love how everything turned out. I still need a few things like curtains, plants, ceiling light and a bit of deco. I can't tell you how many times I've walked into my room just to ohhhhhh & ahhhhh.

So what do you think? Do you have a nail room and if so what color/colors?

Thanks for looking.


April 3, 2013

More added to my Blog Sale!!

Hallo My Lovelies,

I've added loads more to my BLOG SALE

If there's anything you like just shoot me an email :)

March 28, 2013

Review: Sweet Tips Nails Gooey Cream Egg

Hallo My Lovelies,

I have a new Sweet Tips Nails called Gooey Cream Egg to show you. As you can guess Gooey Cream Egg is a Easter inspired polish :)

Gooey Cream Egg is a clear base with brown, red, yellow, blue and white glitter in all different shapes and sizes.

Here is what Jen has to say about Gooey Cream Egg. "Gooey Cream Egg was inspired by my favorite Easter treat - Cadbury Cream Eggs! I mixed the yummy chocolate treat with the gooey white and yellow middle with the colors of its foil wrapper to come up with this unique polish that looks great over most colors."

I did a skittle mani for this beauty. I used China Glaze Re- Fresh Mint, Peachy Keen, Sugar High, Grape Pop and Lemon Fizz then I used 2 thin coats of Gooey Cream Egg. I did have to use 1 coat of Glitter food to get a smooth finish but other then that everything was easy peasy! LOL

So what do you think about Gooey Cream Egg?

To buy Gooey Cream Egg or any other Sweet Tips Nails polish go to Jen's Esty shop or check out her FaceBook page to get updates on up coming polishes or restock info.

* This polish was provided to me for my honest, opinion.*

Thanks for looking,

Nail Polish Obsession

March 26, 2013

Joe Fresh Mallard Colvert

Hallo My Lovelies,

Today I want to share Joe Fresh Mallard Colvert, OMG I'm in love with this polish!!! Everyone knows I LOVE me some green polish ;)

Mallard Colvert is a beautiful Forest Green with a Jelly finish. Love at first sight!!!!

It went on sheer the first coat, so I added a second coat. As you can see 2 thin coats are perfect!

I must say the application was amazing and went on like butter. I'm going to need a back up of this baby.

What do you think about Mallard Colvert? Do you have any Joe polishes and if so which ones?

Thanks for looking,



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