February 13, 2014

Catrice Luxury Lacquers Collection PREVIEW

Limited Edition “Luxury Lacquers” by CATRICE

Show Effects. Looks must be multi-facetted, the feel unusual. The new fabrics in the designer collections are there to be discovered with all your senses. Three-dimensional structures, elaborate applications as well as multi-dimensional colours with holographic or metallic effects turn the designs into luxury items. More is more. That’s why the Limited Edition “Luxury Lacquers” by CATRICE“, which will be available in stores in March 2014, offers a total of 24 nail polish colours guaranteed to be eye-catching. You have a choice of four different effects: Sand’sation, Chameleon, Million Brilliance and Holomania. All polishes shine in the trendiest colours of the season and offer ultimate coverage as well as a long-lasting texture. Limited Edition, unlimited Effects – by CATRICE.

Million Brilliance

Special Sparkle. Multi-dimensional glitter and pearls sparkle in all facets and give your nails a luxurious coat. The result is unique and brillliant – absolute must-haves and suitable for all trendy looks.

C01 BRIGHTsmaid
C02 Glitz Carlton
C03 Glitterama
C04 The Big Bling Theory
C05 Walk Of Glitters
C06 Glitters Are A Girl´s Best Friend
C07 Sweet Glitzteen
C08 Glitter Me If You Can


3Deluxe. The Sand’sation nail polishes offer a sandy finish with high coverage and a sensational colour brilliance. The fine crystals cover your nails like diamond dust to give them an unmistakable structure.

C01 100 perSAND Real
C02 Maliblue
C03 Sandhopper
C04 PLUMbeach
C05 Strawberry BAYquiri
C06 It´s a PINKini World
C07 TropiCoral
C08 Waikiki Peach


Pretty Prism. Holographic effects give your nails a unique look - exclusive and fascinating at the same time. The metallic colours with an ultimate prism effect come in cool silver and blue shades as well as a fashionable purple. Ultimate coverage and ultimate durability are guaranteed. On top of that, the professional brush offers a particularly easy application.

C01 Holo Manolo
C02 ApHolo 7
C03 Holo In One
C04 Plum Me Up Scotty


Colour Change. Intensive, powerful colour meets upon iridescent duo-chrome here. The unique chameleon effect makes a real statement. The shine is full of effects, the colour offers great coverage and the texture is especially long-lasting.

C05 Chromeo & Julia
C06 Chromit & Miss Pinky
C07 Salmon Salmon But Different
C08 C(h)ome, Leon!

So what do you think about this collection? I'm interested in the Holo's, Duocrome and some of the Sand polishes :)

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OPI Spotlight On Glitter Collection PREVIEW

OPI Announces a NEW Line of
Sparkling Shades with Spotlight on Glitter

Glitter takes center stage with the launch of Spotlight on Glitter, a new collection
of OPI’s best and brightest sparkling lacquers. The line showcases OPI’s most popular
metallic and holographic lacquers in rainbow, gold, silver and pink iridescent confetti;
these glitters may be worn alone or layered over any nail color for a dazzling effect.
“Glitter isn’t just for wearing on New Year’s Eve! Just because the holidays are
over doesn’t mean you can’t still wear sparkle,” explains Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI
Co-Founder & Executive VP. “Try creating an ombré effect or accent nails by adding a
layer of sparkle for a fun night on the town.”

You Pink Too Much
I’m obsessed with this rosy glitter set in a shimmery base.

Desperately Seeking Sequins
This prismatic glitter on a backdrop of shimmer is just what you’re looking for.

Rose of Light
A million points of light radiate from this rosy gold and rainbow sparkle.

I Reached My Gold!
The cache of gold confetti in this clear rainbow glitter is all yours!

Chasing Rainbows
Your pursuit of gorgeous has won you this rainbow with pot-of-gold highlights.

Blush Hour
 Sorry, gotta blush... this super dense fuchsia glitter is way too charming.

These can be used with Glitter Off -- a new, peel-able base coat that allows for
quick and easy removal when applied beneath any glitter shade. To remove, use a
cuticle stick to gently push and peel the glitter lacquer off the nail. No nail polish remover
is necessary for this final step.

For more information, please call 800-341-9999 or visit www.opi.com.
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January 20, 2014

Catrice New Core Polishes PREVIEW

Catrice is releasing new core polishes.

Here is what Catrice has to say about the new polishes "3D Artwork. The nails are turned into an artist’s canvas thanks to 3D effects with an innovative sand feeling. Also new: holographic flakes, duo chromes and metallics."

46 Berry Potter & Plumbledore

47 Orango Bloom

48 Emerald Bay

49 Keep Pool

50 Glitterazzi

51 I´m So aNude

52 Where Is My Ferrari

53 Inner Purple Of Trust

54 My APPricot

55 Get The Blues

56 Minter Wonderland

57 Karl Says Très Chic

58 Meet Me À Paris

01 Royal REDding

02 PLUMdogMillionaire

03 Shooting Star

04 Oyster & Champagne

05 Stardust

06 Call Me Princess

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So what do you think about the new core colors? Of course I'm interested in the Crushed Crystal colors and maybe afew of the others but I'm have to see them in person.

January 19, 2014

Catrice Lala Berlin Collection PREVIEW

Catrice has a new collection coming out called "Lala Berlin"

Here is what Catrice has to say about this collection.

The cooperation between the cosmetics brand CATRICE and the fashion label Lala Berlin began with the Lala Berlin Fashion Show S/S 2014. As the official make-up partner, the beauty products determined the beauty look of the models Bright coral and intensive red-orange – in perfect harmony with the heavenly designs by Leyla Piedayesh, which were presented in her collection in a mix of exotic palm tree and shark prints.
Find out more about the Show S/S 2014 here.

This is now followed by the matching Limited Edition “Lala Berlin loves CATRICE”, which will be available in stores from the end of January until February 2014 and offers selected beauty products to re-create the make-up looks from the fashion show. The products will be joining the standard CATRICE range afterwards. Beauty and Fashion – a perfect match by CATRICE.

Eyeshadow  Quattro:

Lala Love. The Absolute Eye Colour Quattro is presented with four perfectly aligned rosé shades. The delicate gradation of colours allows subtle blending and wonderfully natural shading. The soft shimmer pigments visibly open your eyes for a wide-awake and bright look.

C100 F’rosen Yoghurt

Lip Stick:

Lipstick Jungle. The highly pigmented Ultimate Colour Lip Colour bathes your lips in beautiful and intense colour. Its ultra-smooth and long-lasting texture pampers your lips with a creamy finish and high coverage. Make a statement with the bright colour versions in hip pink-coral and red-orange.

C320 Kiss Kiss Hibiscus

C330 The Lips Are On Fire

Lip Stain:

Hybrid Highlight. Three benefits in one product: the colour of a lipstick, the durability of a lip stain and the shine of a lip-gloss. This Limited Edition presents an innovative premium product with the Made To Stay Smoothing Lip Polish. Three shades including soft nude, rosé and poppy pink guarantee a pure burst of colour. The extra-soft flock applicator ensures an accurate application. The result: unique, brilliant colours that feel wonderfully pleasant on your lips and won’t dry them out. No sticky sensation.

C010 Rose-wood If She Could

C020 Jen & Berry’s

C050 Megan Fuchsia

Defining Blush:

Just Add Colour. Step up your game with a touch of colour with the highly pigmented powder texture of the Defining Blush. The ultra-fine blush with vitamin E ingredients is easy to blend, emphasises your cheekbones and creates perfect contours on your face. Bright pink-coral gives your cheeks a naturally fresh look.

C040 Think Pink

Sun Glow Shimmering Bronzing Powder:

Front-Glow. Emphasise your summer tan with the new Bronzing Powder. The pressed, velvety-soft powder with fine shimmer pigments ensures a radiant, fresh complexion. The 3D embossment with a zigzag design not only creates a visual highlight, the two shades also blend together perfectly.

C010 Shimmering Bronze

Crushed Crystals Nail polish: 

Key Styles. 3D effects are the nail design trend and there’s no stopping them! The Crushed Crystals offer a brilliant sandy finish, colours with high coverage and come in three fashionable versions: multicolour, silver and coral. The fine crystals cover your nails like diamond dust and create an incomparable structure.

C04 Oyster & Champagne

C05 Stardust

C06 Call Me Princess

Cosmetic Bag:

The Cosmetic Bag complements the rest of the limited edition perfectly. The bag has enough space to store all your cosmetic highlights for travelling or for your handbag.

Cosmetic Bag

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So what do you think about this collection? I'm looking forward to the nail polishes and maybe a few of the lip sticks.

December 20, 2013

Essence Ice Ice Baby Collection PREVIEW

Essence has a new collection coming out called "Ice Ice Baby"

the coolest products for all winter beauties! this trend edition presents a holographic and iridescent color scheme consisting of silver, blue, pink, purple, green and soft beige implemented in unique products that ensure awesome style for ice skaters and all other winter adventuresses.

in addition to shimmering products for your nails, eyes and face, this trend edition also provides the ideal care for your lips and hands. the absolute must-have is the cool cable clip to keep your headphones in place while you listen to your favorite tunes.On sale from 01.2014 to 02.2014

ice ice baby - eyeshadow

these highly pigmented eyeshadows are sure to make the eyes of all winter beauties sparkle as bright as tiny ice crystals. the three eyeshadows have a cool snowflake embossment. this not only gives the cute eyeshadows a wintery look but also creates a metallic finish for your eye make-up.

available in 01 do the rittberger, 02 junior championship and 03 ice crystals everywhere.

ice ice baby - shimmer powder

the shimmer powder is enriched with light-reflecting pigments for a radiant complexion at all times. the shade adapts to every skin tone and can be used as an all-over-shimmer or as a highlighter. there’s a cute snowflake embossment with purple glitter spray on the surface of the texture to provide subtle color effects.

available in 01 ice skating @ rockefellers.

ice ice baby - nail polish

these four nail polishes have a holographic shimmer to go with the frosty time of year. they’re super longlasting and are sure to withstand every figure skating session with ease!

available in 01 junior championship, 02 do the rittberger, 03 ice skates on! and 04 icebreaker.

ice ice baby - eye pencil

breathtaking moments are guaranteed thanks to the three eye pencils with an extreme metallic effect. they have a super soft mine with intense color-dispersion to give your eye make-up a cool metal finish.

available in 01 ice crystals everywhere, 02 icebreaker and 03 ice skates on!

ice ice baby - lip balm

the pampering lip balm ensures velvety, soft lips and they conjure-up a touch of color on your face at the same time. now you can head for the ice-rink and nothing will stand in the way of loop jumps, flips & co!

available in 01 backflip and 02 do the rittberger.

ice ice baby - 24h hand protection balm

a must-have this winter season if you want to avoid dry, chapped hands. it pampers stressed skin with rich shea butter and coconut oil to make them feel super soft again. ideal for winter beauties who don’t want to hide their awesome ice ice baby polish underneath gloves when they head for the rink!

available in 01 let me hold your hand.

ice ice baby - cable clip

this cute cable clip keeps headphones for mp3 players and smartphones in place so they’re ready for action at all times! simply roll-up your headphone cables and clip it around them so they don’t get tangled. and the cute snowflake design makes them easy to find.

available in 01 dancing on ice.

I want the eyeshadows, shimmer powder and a few of the nail polishes. What do you think about this collection anything your interested in?


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