February 11, 2011

Opi Pirates of the Caribbean collection preview

Hallo ladies,

I just wanted to share the new OPI Pirates of the Caribbean collection that will be coming out soon.

I was so excited to learn that OPI was coming out with a Pirates of the Caribbean collection till I seen the colors and became very disappointed :( all the colors are pastels WTF???? I just don't see a pirate wearing pastels (I JUST DON'T) I mean come on could you see Jack Sparrow wearing pink? I'm a big Pirates of the Caribbean fan OK OK I'm a big Johnny Depp fan so whatever movie he's in my in love :D lol

Mermaid Tears

Planks a Lot

Scull and Glossbones

Sparrow Me the Drama

Stranger Tides

Steady as She Rose

Silver Shatter

The only one that looks interesting is the Silver Shatter (Crackle) polish. When I think of pirate colors I think of Vampy, dark shimmers or duochromes you know something that looks dangerous. Now thats my kind of pirate :D

I still think there should of been one called "But why is the rum always gone" LOL

On a different note I can't wait for Pirates of the Caribbean 4 On Stranger Tides to come out. Oh yes me jack I want to join your crew :D

So what do you think about this collection?

Thanks for looking


  1. There's going to be a silver crackle polish!!!?? No way! That is awesome! :) Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Yes there also coming out with a white Shatter polish :)

  3. Even though pastels don't really suit the pirates theme, I still love the colours! And new shatters!:D And a new johnny depp film!! whoop!

  4. I'm definitely snatching Silver Crackle. I kind of like Planks A Lot and Mermaid Tears. I think I would grab those as well.

  5. I like you "The rum is always gone" idea... As for these colors.. Another miss from O.P.I except fro the shatter. These colors remind more of easter than they do of pirates lol

  6. Your right, why are they all pastels?? I agree with you, when I think of pirates I think dark, mysterious colors, not pastel "i'm a lovely baby flower" colors!! LOL. And I love your "the rum is always gone"!!
    To me, the only color I will probably get is the silver shatter... sounds the most interesting... that will probably be the only polish I will be picking up from this collection.
    I love Pirates of the Carrabean, but this collection makes me sad :( I rather see Jack Sparrow wearing a dark duo-chrome color rather than a pastel pink thing... oh well... can't wait to see the collection i person though... just because I love all the movies ^_^

    Thanks for posting this!! :)

  7. I do like this collection but when I see it I don't see POTC. I think they are trying to for a more youthful colour palette because the movie is about the fountain of youth. Some darker colours would have be nice but overall I like the collection and I know that the silver Shatter we fly off the shelves like the black one did.

  8. I agree why are they pastels!! Probably cause it's coming out in May! but still! I do love the colors though!And now we have to go through more shatter drama!

  9. I love this collection ... and Cindy Vela did a great job modeling as the mermaid.

    <3 your newest follower, Neenajay.blogspot.com

    let's follow each other ;)

  10. "til I seen?" "I seen????" How about, "until I saw." If you're going to blog, basic English should be your focus as much as nail polish.

  11. Anne, that comment was totally unnecessary. First of all, it is awfully presumptive (and, in my opinion, ethnocentric) of you to think that English is every blogger's first language. Second, even the best writers make the occasional grammar/spelling mistake. This is someone's personal beauty blog, not the New Yorker - get over yourself.

    That aside - I love this collection! I think the colors are totally unexpected and they all have this cool dusty-type hue going on. I love them so much that ordered the whole collection - something I never do!

  12. Oh Amanda, get over yourself and your PC drivel. Ethnocentric? As in how? What is my race, Amanda? We're not talking mistake, but a lazy colloquialism in the US that is way too accepted because people like yourself expect less out of certain people, because of your own deep ethnocentric, classist views on the world. You think the poor dears just don't know better. If you can see, it states on her blog that she's from the US. Georgia, to be exact. So who is presumptive now, Amanda, or did you see the blogger's picture and choose to be deliberately obtuse? This is my last say on the matter. Have at it. People like yourself need the last word, so I charitably give it to you, oh wise one.

  13. I just had my nails done yesterday, and I had a hard time choosing between Sparrow, planks, and mermaids. When I was dry I really had no idea how I felt about it and second guessed it all evening. The pink is a dusty rose which I am used to darker vamp colors, or fuschia so this was really new. it's not bad seeing as this collection was going for a more tropical color setting. It's pastel but it still stands out.

  14. I should have stated I picked Sparrow me the drama.



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