Blog Sale

Blog Sale

Please Read!!

* Open to international and EU buyers.

* I have over 150 positive feedback on MUA if you care to look let me know and I'll give you my name.
* International shipping up to 500g is €3.45 over 500g is €7.00

* EU shipping up to 500g is €1.45 over 500g is €2.40
* Payment is to be made via Paypal

* Payment must be received through Paypal via Gift or if you wish I can send you a invoice (which will have the paypal fee's added). I will ship once payment is received

*International shipping will be determined based on your country, but I will ship it the most inexpensive way I can for you!
If payment isn't received within 24 hours, the polishes will be free to the next buyer.
* If interested, please send an email to with the subject BLOG SALE. In the email let me know where your from so I can add up your total with shipping also please include your paypal address.

* I will ensure that every item is wrapped carefully.
* No returns, all sales final!!
* When a item is sold, I will put a line through the name.

I'm trying to purge my stash since it's taking over my house :D So I'm selling some of my back-ups.

* Catrice Dirty Berry (BN)(VHTF) 4.50€

* Catrice Marilyn & I (BN)(VHTF) 4.50€

* Catrice Bye, Bye Birdy! (BN)(VHTF) 4.50€

* Catrice How I Matt Your Mother (BN)(VHTF) 4.50€

* Catrice Jade is not My Name (BN)(VHTF) 4.50€

* Catrice Steel My Soul (BN)(VHTF) 4.50€

* Essence Rebels Collection Punk Royal (BN) (VHTF) 3.00€

* Catrice Expect the Unexpected collection Spruced Up (BN)(VHTF) 6.00€

*  Catrice Expect the Unexpected collection Purposely Purple (BN)(VHTF) 6.00€

*  Catrice Expect the Unexpected collection Looking Greyt (BN)(VHTF) 6.00€

* P2 Into Lace Collection Sensuality (BN)(VHTF) 4.00€

*  P2 Into Lace Collection Allurement (BN)(VHTF) 4.00€

*  P2 Into Lace Collection Lust (BN)(VHTF) 4.00€

* Essence Nail Art Twins Collection Thelma 4.00€

* P2 Home sweet Home Collection Lilac Love (BN)(VHTF) 3.00€

* P2 Home Swwet Home Collection Green Day (BN)(VHTF) 3.00€

* Essence Vampire's Love Collection The Dark(BN)(VHTF) 5.00€

* Essence Breaking Dawn part 2 Collection Alice had A Vision- Again(BN)(VHTF) 5.00€

* Essence Circus Circus collection Cotton Candy (BN)(VHTF) 3.00€

* Essence Circus Circus collection My Sparkling Acrobat (BN)(VHTF) 3.00€

* P2 Sand Style Confidential (already hard to find) (BN) 3.00€

* Catrice Nail Expert Growth Support (BN) 4.00€

* Catrice Nail Expert Nail Hardener (BN) 4.00€

* Essence Crazy Good Times Collection Glitterastic (BN)(VHTF) 2.00€

* Essence Crazy Good Times Collection Paradelade (BN)(VHTF) 2.00€

* Essence Re-Mix Your Style Collection Collection Sugar Tonight (BN)(VHTF) 3.00€

Essence Cute as Hell Collection Not just Cute (BN)(VHTF) 2.50€

* Essence Secrets Of The Past collection Glittering Daylight(BN)(VHTF) 2.00€

* Essence Secrets Of The Past Collection Flowerfields (BN)(VHTF) 2.00€

* Agnes B. Rouge Flamme (BN) 2.00€

* Agnes B. Jaune Graphic (BN) 2.00€

* P2 Crazy (BN) (VHTF) 3.50€

* BeYu 374 (BN) (VHTF) 3.00€

* BeYu 374 (BN)(VHTF) 3.00€

* Essence Trust In Fashion (BN) (VHTF) 1.00€

* Essence Out Of My Mind (BN) (VHTF) 1.00€

* H+M Red Nail (BN) (HTF) 2.50€

* Essence Replay (BN) (VHTF) 3.50€

* Essence Movin' On (BN)(VHTF) 3.50€

* Essence Trendsetter (BN)(VHTF) 3.50€

* Essence Remix Your Style Sugar Tonight (BN)(VHTF) 3.50€

* Essence Jelly Baby Collection Cotton Candy (Jelly) (BN)(VHTF) 3.50€

* Essence Denim Wanted Collection Forever Mine (BN) (VHTF) 3.00€

* Essence Cute As Hell Collection Bad Girl (BN) (VHTF) 2.50€

* Winmax 9 (From Singapore) (BN) 1.50€

* Color Makeup 03 (From Singapore) (BN) 1.50€

* Color Makeup 04 (From Singapore) (BN) 1.50€

* Color Makeup 18 (From Singapore (BN) 1.50€

* Manhattan 15A (BN) (HTF) 3.50€

* Manhattan 78D (BN) (HTF) 3.50€

H+M Ocean Sand (BN)(VHTF) 400€

* Essence Nail in Style Collection (Nail Foil set) Style Me Pretty (BN)(VHTF) 4.50€

* Essence Nail in Style Collection (Nail Foil set) Style My Glamour (BN)(VHTF) 4.50€

* Essence Nail in Style Collection (Nail Foil set) Style My Dream (BN)(VHTF) 4.50€

* Lynnderella Connect the Dots (the first formula)(BN)(VHTF) 35.00€

* 5 set dotting tools (BN) 1.50€ *SOLD*

* Pink/Purple shredded glitter (BN) 1.00€

* Blue/Red shredded glitter (BN) 1.00€ (great for the 4th of July)

* Nail Art Gold Hearts (BN) 1.00€

* Essence Vampire's Love Collection Love At First Bite Eyeshadow Palette (BN)(VHTF) 7.50€

* Essence Vampire's Love Collection Bloody Mary (LipStain) (BN)(VHTF) 3.00€

* Essence Denim Wanted Collection FivePocket Grey (Gel Eyeliner) (BN)(VHTF) 3.00€

* Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion (BN) 3.00 each€ *SOLD*

Thanks for looking and I hope you find loads of pretties for your collection. I'll be adding more soon. 


  1. Package arrived safe, great communication, good packaging, fast shipping. Thank you again so much!



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