February 25, 2011

Purple Franken

Hallo ladies,

Well it's finally Friday well soon to be Saturday here but Oh well, I wanted to post about this mani yesterday but I've been busy the last few days. I love the way this polish turned out I named it after my little girl (Alizia) that died in 2007. I don't know why but everytime I see the color purple I think about her <3 hubby thinks the polish is so beautiful!!!! When the sun shines on this beauty it explodes with different color glitter, I see purple,red,green,yellow and abit of blue :) I used 2 coats for this mani with no top coat.

So what do you think aint she a beauty?

Thanks for looking.
February 23, 2011

Essence new polishes!!

Essence is coming out with loads of new polish coming March.

First up there's the new Essence magnetics nail polish.

Here's what the magnet looks like.

Essence nail art special effect topper

New Essence nail art twins.

I'm excited about all of these beauty's, so of course I have to get them all :D

Does anything interest you?

Thanks for looking.

Giveaway's I'm entering!!

GlamaDazzle is having a 200+ Followers Giveaway!

Giveaway ends 28th February 2011

So if you wish to enter go (HERE)


Nail Addicts Anonymous is having a one year blog anniversary.

Giveaway ends April 8th

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Glitta Gloves Giveaway

Glitta Gloves is having a 75 follower giveaway!!

Giveaway ends March 23rd

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February 22, 2011

GildedNails 500 follower giveaway

GildedNails is having a mega 500 follower giveaway.

Giveaway ends 31 March 2011

So if you wish to enter go (HERE)

The new P2 colors!!

P2 has new color's coming out this Spring. The bottles are smaller with the same price but hey some of the colors are cute :)

I'm looking forward to getting the greens,yellow and maybe the purples. Do you see any you like?

Thanks for looking.

I have to get this off my chest!!!!

Some people are F**king ignorant :( I'm so pissed of I could scream!!! I hate people sometimes!!!

People come on WHY OH WHY must you be racist?????? I've never been able to understand why people are racist don't we call bleed the same color? I mean come on this world would be boring if everyone was the same!

In my free time I translate paperwork for couples trying to get married, so the last few days I've been translating 2 couples paperwork so they can start putting there paperwork in to get married over here. I went to the court house to turn in the paperwork because some of them needed the court stamp on them. Well I went in walked up to the desk and handed in the paperwork and waited to they could see that everything was in order, the girl behind the desk was friendly at first till she looked at my name and under her breath she proceeded to talk shit "Why do you white B***hs feel the need to have a black name, have you not done enough to use with all you white racist a@@'s?" WTF??????? I was like excuse me (The whole time shes talking in English because another woman was in the room with us. So I did not want to get ignorant and stoop down to her level!I was like well Amber (She's a black chick and I could of started in on her about the name amber, you don't get many more white with that name but you know whatever)if you have a problem with different races then your working in the wrong job and in the wrong country (because there's so many mixed cultures here)if you don't like it then maybe you need to go back home, it's people like you that make racism worse and you are trying to tell me your pure whatever you seem to think you are? (Shes so lucky I was trying to be grown up about everything cause I wanted to reach across the desk and slap the shit out of her!!!!!!! she just looked at me shocked because I understood her I guess she was thinking I'm not American because I spoke perfect German to her with no accent. When people look at me they think I'm from Spain or Italy because of my Dark hair and eyes!

So once she figured out I spoke English and understood every word she was like trying to change her tone and get me out of there, scared I was going to go to her boss (Maybe I should have)

Come on I'm one of the last people that could or would be racist. I don't think anyone is pure where ever they come from, now a days everyone is mixed with something. I'm mom is half Cherokee Indian and white my father is half Mexican and white my Stepdad is black and my husband is Russian so yeah I'm far from being Racist!!

Did I overreact? Should I have went to her boss?

It just shocks me the way some people think!!!!

Ok rant over!!!
February 21, 2011

CC Snakeskin + CC Covered in Diamonds

Hallo ladies,

Well Monday here we are I don't like you and you don't like me so lets try and get through this day fast!! LOL

Last night I tried out a few new polishes that I got in a swap CC Snakeskin it's a beautiful Olive/gray shimmer polish with small gold glitter. I used 2 coats for full coverage. When CC Snakeskin dried I topped it off with CC Covered In Diamonds also 2 coats, Cover in diamonds is beautiful but it was really hard to get it on my nail where I wanted it and once it dried talk about OUCH it was gritty and I scratched my arm :( even a top coat did not help much some of the flakies still poked through!!

But I must say it's a beautiful combo together.

Here's a blurry picture can you see the gold glitter?

What do you think?

Thanks for looking.

P2 New crackle and bottles

P2 has a new crackle polish coming out in the color gold.

Also P2 is redoing there polish bottles, now they are smaller but for the same price @_@ WTH???

They are now 8ml

So what do you think?

Thanks for looking.

Ivana's Giveaway

Ivana's having an amazing giveaway.

Ends 8th March

So if you wish to enter her giveaway go (HERE)
February 20, 2011

New blogs in town!!

Hallo ladies,

I wanted to share a few new blogs out there, they are all very sweet and wonderful ladies so don't miss out on checking out there blogs!!







So come on and show these ladies some love :)

I will try to do this ever Sunday so if you wish to have your blog posted on mine, then send me a email with your blog link and I will get it up

Pretty Punk Beauty Junkie Giveaway

Pretty Punk Beauty Junkie is have her first Giveaway!!

Giveaway ends March 3rd.

So if you wish to enter go (HERE)
February 17, 2011

No Naked Nails is having her first giveaway!

No Naked Nails is having her very first giveaway!

Giveaway ends March 11

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ScandalouslyPolished Giveaway

ScandalouslyPolished is having an amazing giveaway.

Giveaway ends March 17th

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February 16, 2011

Need some help from all my wonderful followers!!

I want to have a Giveaway but can't decide on what polishes to put in the giveaway. Catrice, Essence, Manhattan, Alessandro, P2 or should I do a mix of everything? I wanted to offer something not everyone can get.

Thanks for all your help

Beauty by Kayla Shevonne's Giveaway

Beauty by Kayla Shevonne is having an amazing giveaway.

Giveaway ends March 1st.

So if you wish to enter go (HERE)

Gilded Nails is having a giveaway

Gilded Nails is having an amazing giveaway.

Giveaway ends March 7th 2011.

So if you wish to enter go (HERE)
February 15, 2011

New haul and swaps!

Hallo ladies,

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day! I know I did :) So today I have picture's of afew polishes I picked up and 2 swaps I've gotten.

First up..... I got 2 new Manhattan polishes from the London Calling Collection.

Left to right 110D and 78D Manhattan offers wonderful creme and glitter polishes the only thing I hate about these polishes is they have no names.

Now on to the swaps I got......

This swap came from HelloKinky A.K.A Christina from MUA

China Glaze Dreamsicle
Love my nails Violets are blue
Borghese Stellare notte
Sally Hansen All fired up
Cover Girl Boundless color Amethyst Mist
Essie Mint candy apple

Nicole by opi Hint of mint
Nicole by opi Let's get star-ted
Nicole by opi Bring on the tinsel
Rimmel Camouflage
Hard Candy Break Up
Hardy Candy Sweet P

And this swap I got from mrsrexy A.K.A Tammy also over at MUA

Nyx Asphalt
Nubar Earth
Nubar Violet Sparkle
Nubar Greener
CND Teal Sparkle
CND Urban Oasis

I can't wait to try all these out!!

Thanks for looking.
February 14, 2011

MNY 808A

Hallo ladies,

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!! I'm so excited about today got so much stuff planned for hubby he wont know what hit him :) after so many years(15)I love finding new things to surprise him with <3 but before I go to finish everything I have planned I wanted to share with you a new polish I picked up last Thursday.

Today I have MNY (Maybelline) 808A it's a beautiful pink glitter with abit of blue flash, in some pic's you'll see blue glitter. I used 2 coats and had in on for 4 days, it wore pretty good just abit of tip wear. I toke picture's yesterday before taking it off to do a new mani :)

So what do you think?

Thanks for looking.


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