April 30, 2010

Zoya Trixie

I had so many compliments this week about my paint splatter mani. Everyone asking who did my nails and where did I get them done, when I told them I did they just stared at me (Like wow) LOL wanting to know if I did other people's nails for money, now it was my turn to just stare at them LMAO I was like no i'm just happy I can do mine right, few of them was like well you should (aint that sweet)

Ok well on to the new mani for today :) and the winner is (Drum rolls please) Zoya Trixie. What a beauty!!!! Used 2 coats, brush was really easy to work with Hardly had to do any clean up.

Here are some more pic's from my garden (more flowers in bloom)

This grow along my flower beds, aint they cute?

Finally my fruit tree's are in bloom

Big cherry tree (sweet cherrys)

Samll cherry tree (sour cherrys)

Plum tree

Can't wait for my other flowers to bloom.

Thanks for looking.
April 29, 2010

Maybelline has a new look

Woo-Hoo maybelline finally had a make over :) about time i'd say :) I'm liking this new look. The nail polishes bottles are so cute. I did not pick up any polishes but i'm so going back to get some (Loving the yellow and green ones).

Do you see anything you would buy? I know you nail junkie's are drooling over the polishes :D

Thanks for looking.

P2 Sun Heart love display

Here is what the new P2 sun heart love collection looks like. If you look and my other post you will see the polishes up close. Nothing else in the collection I would buy.

Thanks for looking.

German Essence display's

I toke some picture's today of the german Essence display, as many people have asked me what they look like soooooooooo here you go ladies DROOL away LOL :)

Here are some of the Essence nail polish remover with scent

Left to right

* Coconut with vanilla
* Strawberry with vanilla
* Blackberry with vanilla

Thank for looking.

Essence into the wild collection

Ok here is the other collection I stumbled upon :D now these are suppose to being coming out in may, but bam as big as day the display was sitting there staring at me waiting for me to notice them. Need I say the display was already half empty!!! Damnit Essence bring your collection out when you say you will. Oh wait why am I bitching??? I got my hands on the collection (So i'm happy) Now to wait for the other 3 collection coming out in May (way to many for one month). Watch me miss those.

With out flash

From left to right

* Bongo Drums
* Desert Fox
* Heart Chakra
* Zulu (This on is a matte)

With flash

Thanks for looking.

Essence Crazy about color collection

Hallo ladies, Hope your having a good day so far.

Today I had to go into town so I wanted to look for some new polishes :) and guess what I stumbled upon??? Essence crazy about colour collection well I stumbled upon one more Essence collection but i'll get to that one later :) Look at these beauty's

Witout flash.

From left to right.

* 02 Lilac Forever
* 01 Think Pink

With flash.

Thanks for looking.
April 28, 2010

New p2 sun heart love collection

I found the new p2 sun heart love collection so I had to get the whole set :D can't wait to try these out. Loving the orange one,but I do wish there was a green polish in this collection oh well guess you can't have everything.

From left to right

* P2 050 Summer Cocktail
* P2 020 Summer Affair
* P2 040 Summer Rain
* P2 030 Summer Party
* P2 010 Summer Heat

Thanks for looking.

P2 polishes I got

Here are afew of the p2 polishes I got my hands on.

From left to right

* Rich & Royal
* Gorgeous
* Glamour
* Fancy

From left to right

* Dangerous
* Artful (The picture does not really show it's true color it's more of a green
* Elegant
* Shockful (I'm so loving this one)

I'm really starting to like the p2 polishes. Formula is great and brush is easy to work with.

Thanks for looking.

Agnes B. Magnet polishes

Agnes B. Magnet polishes are the bomb :) They make a totally different design then the L'oreal star magnet polishes (I have 2 of those) The design Agnes makes are strips going across your nails (Light and dark ones)

From left to right

* Prune Galaxie (Purple)
* Vert Sirene (Forest Green)
* Cuivre Rose (Pink with Gold)
* Brun Hypnotic (Brown)

They are all Shimmers

As you can see I love the green one :D Green seems to be my fav no matter what polish it is. Bring on the greens!!!!!

Here is a quick swatch of the green one. Only need one coat.

Thanks for looking.
April 27, 2010

Halloween make-up and nail polish

Since This blog is new I wanted to post afew of my older Pic's

This one is from Halloween 2009

I love Halloween (My favorite holiday)

For this look I used Paris Memories (From Belgium) Quattro there is no name for the quat just the number 22 these eyeshadows are cheap but really good, for eyeliner (Upperline) I used Essence eyeliner pen (Lowerline)I used Manhattan x-treme last eyeliner. Now lets talk lips :) I love Red lipstick For this one I used Agnes B. Rouge Tulipe and on top of that I used UMA Lip Shinegloss

Lipstick on the left.

I used the last 2 on the right (Black and Red)

This is the look I came up with :)

For my nails I used these 2 cuties

* Fingers Orange and Black

Yes I have a couple of screws loose :) But I already told you that LOL

Thanks for looking.

Splatter your nails

Hi ladies, I'm feeling alot better today and guess what the sun is out, so i wanted to do a fun mani today. This is the first konad that finally worked for me.

I was so excited about this mani after I was done and seen it worked I got up and did the snoopy dance lol

The colors I used for this mani is

From left to right

* Agnes B. Blanc Agnes B.
* Magnetic Tasty Tangerine
* Magnetic Purple Passion
* Magnetic Yellow Fever
* Magnetic Blue Curacao

The konad plate I used is M21 and this is what I came up with.

Right hand

Left hand

Some extra pic's today I seen some of my flowers and tree's are full in bloom.

Here is one of my pot's that is on my front step.

Hope you enjoy the pic's! Have a good day.
April 26, 2010

Need a hair cut.

Hello Ladies. i'm in need of your opinion as i can't deside. My hair has become to long again, the tips of my hair is almost touching my butt :) I love long hair but because i have thick,wavey and the ends curl it gets to be to heavy and I end up getting headaches. So I want to change it again. Should I get bangs cut straight across or side bangs or no bangs maybe go back to black or stay brown.

Here's me with black hair and straight across bangs.

With black hair and my bangs blowen back.

Black hair with no bangs.

Brown hair with bangs.

Brown hair with no bangs.

And last but not least brown hair bangs with short hair, cut to my shoulders

So ladies what do you think?


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