September 4, 2013

Essence Oktoberfest Collection PREVIEW

Essence Oktoberfest Collection.

Here is what Essence has to say about this collection:

Essence mog di – that’s bavarian and means “essence likes you”! our new trend editionoktoberfest” is all about the largest fair in the world. it’s finally time to dust off your dirndls and lederhosen and present them on the “wiesn”, the site of the ultimate german festival. the cute products in this trend edition ensure that all girls are perfectly equipped: charming designs with hearts, ribbons, pretzels and checkers combined with a range of colours including green, blue, purple, red, greyish brown, soft rosé and nude create a true oktoberfest flair. 

Paper lashes:

servus, grüzi and hello! you’re guaranteed to attract plenty of attention with these unique and elaborate paper lashes with heart designs. and here’s how they work: simply apply the included glue along the lash strip of the paper lashes and position on the outer edge of your eye and then press lightly, working your way to the inner corner of your eye. now you can admire the wow effect! available in 01 der berg ruft!

Eyeshadow & lipgloss set:

a riesengaudi! the cute eyeshadow & lipgloss set is available in two colour variations - rosé-purple and red-blue-brown - and are sure to put everyone in the mood for a party. with two shimmering eyeshadow shades and a matching lipgloss each, you can create gorgeous colour highlights in a flash. available in 01 i mog di! 02 mogst mi?

Lip balm:

bavarian balm! this lip balm gives your lips a rosé touch and a light shimmer. the practical small jar with “oktoberfest” lettering is a must-have for every sweet little bavarian felt handbag. feel like a “bussal” kiss? available in 01 servus.

Multicolour blush:

every girl needs rosy cheeks, whether she’s bavarian or not. the multicolour blush with a gingerbread heart design and subtle shimmer pigments conjures-up a fresh and rosy complexion. available in 01 fesches madl! 

Oktoberfest nail polish:

matching nail polish to go with your dirndl is absolutely essential! this long-lasting nail polish with high coverage in purple, pastel green, rosé and red completes your oktoberfest style. available in 01 spatzl, 02 mauserl, 03 herzl and 04 bussal.

Nail art sticker:

wiesn fun right down to your fingertips… with the self-adhesive nail stickers, it’s super easy to decorate your nails with hearts, pretzels and ribbons. welcome to munich! available in 01 munich calling. 


the lovingly crafted heart purse with “spatzi” lettering is the perfect place to keep your beauty utensils and other small items. tip: you can attach this practical purse to the apron of your dirndl when you head to the wiesn. available in 01 dirndl girl.


retzel bracelet! accessorize your oktoberfest outfit with savory arm candy - the trendy pink or purple bracelet has an adorable silver-coloured pretzel element. available in 01 bavarian beauty.

So what do you think about this collection? The only thing I may get is the blush.


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