February 22, 2012

New nail polish jewelry store!!

Hello ladies!!

I hope your having a wonderful week so far! I wanted to share some good news my friend Denisa just opened up her nail polish jewelry store on Etsy *WOO-HOO* the shop is called SparklyDots how cute is that????? Check out afew things you can buy.

Cute right? So if you like what you see go check out her store because theres loads more where that came from.

Thanks for looking,

February 17, 2012

Essence Marble Mania Collection Preview

Essence is coming out with a new collection called Marble Mania Here is what Essence has to say about this collection. Marble Mania Trendy, twisted and totally hip: inspired by spectacular marble effects, Essence presents the new trendedition“marble mania” in march and april 2012. lovers of marble coloring and extraordinary textures can look forward to multi-dimensional effects. mascara, eyeshadow or lipgloss – the marbling is sure to cause a stir! several colors merge into one for a unique swirly-marble look by essence – it’s spring-time! Eyeshadow intense, bright colors with a multi-dimensional effect: the baked eyeshadows with triple marbling and a high percentage of pearl-pigmentation guarantee the ultimate wow-factor. the eyeshadows have an awesome marble look and offer just the right touch of color when applied moist or dry. available in 01 seriously mixed up, 02 let's get twisted and 03 swirl it, baby!
Lipgloss marbled gloss – for gorgeous lips! the marble effect gives this gloss a seductive look and merges into one color when applied on your lips, dipping them in a glossy, iridescent glow. available in 01 coral whirl and 02 peach and mix. Mascara the mascara with a must-have effect! the ultra black-silver shimmering texture interacts with the brush to provide gorgeous, sweeping lashes. and the marbling in the transparent bottle is an additional eye-catcher! available in 01 michael's black or silver.
Blush ready for marble style? not just yet. what’s missing? a stunning, shimmering blush for a radiant, fresh look. a sensational finish for everyone, mixed from four gorgeous marble rosé shades. available in 01 swirlpool.
Nail art kit there are endless design options with this awesome nail art kit. its contents: a professional brush, two professional sponges and two wooden sticks. the brush is ideal for creating unique lines, stripes and dots with its ultra-fine tip. the professional sponges are great for urban airbrush designs or the ultimate marble-look – now they’re totally easy to achieve in the comfort of your own home! there’s no limit to your creativity and you’re sure to have lots of fun! the nail art kit comes in a practical zip-pouch including instructions for marbling, nail painting and sponging. available in 01 mix 'n' nail style.
Nail polish four trendy colors set amazing highlights right down to your finger tips. there’s sure to be a shade to suit every taste, mood and outfit! the marble mania nail polishes are ideal for creating cool marbling designs with the help of the nail art kit. available in 01 raspberry swirl, 02 who is mr. brown, 03 silver twister and 04 peaches.
What do you think about this collection? I for one am getting the eyeshadow's, Blush and maybe afew of the polishes.
February 16, 2012

Essence season of extremes Collection Preview

Essence has a new collection coming out called season of extremes Here is what Essence has to say about this collection. boredom was yesterday, spring 2012 is going to be extreme – extremely colorful! with the nail polish trend edition "season of extremes", essence unites two trendy color extremes in march 2012. bright colors are combined with subtle nude shades to create an absolutely unique color experience. whether you go for shimmer, pearl or plain, your nails can expect a true blast of color. one thing is for sure: there are no limits to your creativity. extremely individual and extremely cool! Nail polish color³ creativity to the extreme: the two-tone nail polish nail colour³ focuses on sensational color effects. the two shades can be applied individually or one on top of the other to create a unique third color. summery yellow, bright pink, nude tones or shimmer – this range has them all! your nails are sure to be the ultimate eye-catchers in town. available in three colorful combinations 01 it's two bright, 02 brightsmates and 03 we are all bright and in three soft duo-shades 04 just the nude of us, 05 team nude and 06 my best nude friends and me.
Nail polish live on the bright side of life! the eight colors of the season of extremes nail polish offer everything a girl with a passion for colors could possibly want. the selection of colors is huge and you can reach for flashy tones or subtle shades depending on your mood. available in four bright colors 01 little miss bright, 02 on the bright side, 03 pimp my bright and 04 bright alert! as well as four nude shades 05 nude or what?, 06 the nude the better, 07 nude rules! and 08 did someone say nude?
What do you think about this collection? I'm going have to see them in person but some of the colors look interesting!
February 1, 2012

Catrice Nymphelia Collection Preview

Catrice is coming out with a new collection called Nymphelia Here is what Catrice has to say about this collection. Soft and feminine yet strong and sensual – this is the perfect description for the world of nymphs. A mysterious world that hovers between nature and mysticism – a world shaped by goddesses and embodied by natural forces. This is reflected in the color scheme of the Limited Edition “Nymphelia” by CATRICE. Warm red, orange and brown shades from the forest combined with green and nude tones bring the spring season to life in February and March 2012. The result: a natural yet modern and sensual make-up collection inspired by the international catwalks. The ideal make-up for delicate but strong ladies. Nymphelia – mystical and mythical. Mascara This mascara guarantees incredible volume, sensational length and a unique curve for your lashes. The top-selling CATRICE Lashes to Kill Mascara in an unbelievably deep black-green for amazing eyes. Our conclusion: it’s a must-have for powerful styles. 01 Black-Green
Eye Lashes The Lashes to Mystify give you sensual, expressive lashes. Inspired by nature, they have little feathers for a light, mystical touch. Combined with the deep colors of the Smokey Eyes Set and forest green eyeliner, they perfectly complement the eye make-up. Lashes to Mystify
Eye Liner Pen Mountains, forests and meadows – the Nearly Black Eyeliner Pen is based on the green of nature. With its mysterious dark green shade, it ensures irresistible and mystical moments. The felt-tip offers ideal color dispersion and guarantees an accurate eye line that lasts for hours without smudging. Ready for ultimate perfection? 060 Black Green
Intensif’eye Wet&Dry Shadow The handmade marbled Baked Eye Shadows each consist of three colors for a particularly luminous and multi-dimensional look. The interaction of brown and green shades ensures a sensual look with a powerful touch. The Intensif'eye Wet&Dry Shadows can be applied dry or moist. Applied dry, they create subtle effects and when moist, the Eye Shadows have a more intense color application and a brighter effect. 020 Charly's Chocolate Factory 040 Have You Seen Alice?
Smokey Eyes Set Mysterious, smokey, full of effects: mystical, light Smokey Eyes in perfection. Four optimally aligned green shades and the professional double applicator with a sponge for eyeshadow and a brush for eyeliner guarantee a natural-looking, sensual eye make-up – for every occasion! 050 Love, Peas & Harmony
Unbeleaf‘able Blush The marbled Baked Powder Blush makes your skin look natural and fresh thanks to its composition of three warm shades – red, orange and nude. The result: a fresh and radiant complexion. 01 Dancing Nymphs
Lip Color Cream Irresistible shine effects for your lips: the Lip Colour Creams in three soft red shades give your lips a wonderfully natural shine. The pleasant creamy texture pampers your lips for an eye-catching look. 01 Spring Kiss 02 Blossom 03 Nymph's Glow
Nail Polish Ultimate long-lasting texture, ultimate coverage, ultimate shine – the nail polish shades of Nymphelia are inspired by the nature and mysticism of the world of nymphs. Warm tones like bright red, brown and mossy green are complemented by a limited, fascinating and deep green reminiscent of a mystical pool of water. These rich colors ensure a lovely contrast to the elegant soft nude shade and give your make-up a special nymph-like look. The new extra-broad brush guarantees an even more professional color application on the entire nail with just one stroke of the brush. 01 Be Pool 670 It's Rambo No. 5 690 Fred Said Red 710 Dulce & Havanna 830 Salmon & Garfunkel
So what do you think about this collection? I want to see swatches of the polishes and maybe get the blush.


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