January 24, 2012

China Glaze Magnetix Collection Preview

China Glaze, which makes nail lacquers sold at salons and professional beauty supply stores nationwide, has announced the launch of its limited edition Magnetix nail lacquer collection. Infused with iron powders that move when exposed to a magnet, China Glaze Magnetix uses magnetic force to create three different designs — starburst, repeating arrows or diagonal lines.
Inspired by bold, sleek, futuristic fashion and art, the China Glaze Magnetix collection features six shades: Attraction: Chic metallic chrome. Cling On: Gorgeous green metallic. Drawn To You: Subtle metallic lilac. Instant Chemistry: Sophisticated metallic berry. Pull Me Close: Crystal blue metallic. You Move Me: Luxe gold metallic. You Move Me
Cling On
Pull Me Close
Instant Chemistry
Drawn to You
Here is what the 3 magnetic designs look like.
So what do you think about this collection? I hoping to get the purples, brown and the green one.

China Glaze Prismatic collection Preview

This limited edition collection was inspired by the beauty and magic of multi-coloured prisms. Complete with glitter and holographic-like technology. These six icy shades give the appearance of multi-layers of iridescent color. So add this incredible illusion of color to your line up today… Full Spectrum Liquid Crystal Optical Illusion Polarized Prism Ray-diant
Full Spectrum
Liquid Crystal
Optical Illusion
So what do you think about this collection? I for one will be getting all of them but the blue and gold ones!
January 17, 2012

Anny Hudson River Turtle

Hello all my fellow nail polish lovers :) I hope your having a good week! My nails are slowly but surely growing back *THANK GOD* I'm tired of the nubs!! Today I have one of the new Anny polishes (I picked up) to show you, I LOVE the Anny bottles!!! I used to coats to get full coverage (This polish was a dream to apply) Then I used Wet "n" Wild Tangled in My Web from the On the Prowl Collection, this also was 2 coats. I have to say Tangled in My Web was hard to apply :( you had to kind of dab it on to get it all over the nail, but other then that I like the end result!! Here's what the mani looks like in direct sunlight.
And here's what it looks like outside of direct sunlight.
I swear I need to build a lightbox so I can take better pictures! So what do you think about the Anny polishes/bottles? Thanks for looking, Kesha
January 16, 2012

Essence crazy good times collection PREVIEW

Essence is coming out with a new collection called crazy good times! Here is what Essence has to say about this collection. crazy good times let’s get the party started! in february 2012, essence is turning the winter into a party season with the new trend edition "crazy good times"! outrageous false lashes, innovative nail fashion stickers, cool stamped tattoos and nail polishes in bright colors with fascinating glitter effects are true must-haves that turn every outfit into a breathtaking eye-catcher!
False lashes. spirits are high and you’re in the mood for a party – the right style is absolutely essential for an original appearance. your eyes will literally turn into eye-catchers with these unique false lashes. the six eccentric designs with long feathers and sparkling rhinestones offer something to suit all tastes. simply apply to the edge of your lashes with the included glue and you can get the party started… available in 01 glitterastic, 02 paradelade, 03 princessorize, 04 candyction, 05 colourbration and 06 confetteria.
Nail polish. if not now, then when? six nail polishes in exciting, intense colors are sure to attract lots of attention to your nails. you’re sure to be the center of attention with these crazy glitter effects to complete your gorgeous party look… available in 01 paradelade, 02 princessorize, 03 colourbration, 04 confetteria, 05 candyction and 06 glitterastic.
Nail fashion stickers. you have to head out to a party and you’re still missing something on your nail style? no problem, here comes the ultimate solution for trendy, stylish nails in seconds! simply select the self-adhesive nail fashion stickers in the correct size, peel off the foil and stick on your nail – which you can paint in either transparent or bright, colorful nail polish beforehand. and hey presto, you have a cool and sparkling 3d dot-design on your nails! available in 01 glitterastic and 02 candyction.
Face and body tattoo stamp. stamp it, baby! want a tattoo for the party, but not forever? the cool tattoo stamp comes in a pen-shape and stamps tiny stars and hearts on your face and body in a matter of seconds to give every style that special added touch. whether you use it to create a small highlight on the edge of your eye or as a cool tattoo on your shoulder – it’s easy to apply and remove whenever you feel like it! available in 01 paradelade and 02 princessorize.
Face and body glitter stick. a party without glitter? no way! after all, it’s all about attracting attention. it’s super fast and easy to conjure-up a brilliant shimmer on your face, neckline and body with this practical glitter stick. create iridescent glitter effects that are ideal for long party nights!
So what do you think about this collection? I'm most def getting the polishes!!
January 10, 2012


Hallo ladies, I hope your having a good week so far. I know I've been MIA :( and I'm sorry about that, I can't seem to get my nails to grow out after the breaks I had. I just keep breaking them again GRRRRRRRRRRRRR but do you think that has stopped me from swapping and buying nail polish? Ummmmmmmmm NOPE :D So lets start with the swaps I've gotten.
Now onto my hauls.
I have loads more coming in the mail so once I get them I'll take pictures and show you.


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