May 7, 2010

Sally Hansen Grass Slipper + Going Green

Hi Ladies, I'm back did you miss me??????? lol

I did this mani last sunday just did not have time to post it as i've been so busy this week. I don't know if I really like this one, you can see afew of the lines are not straight :( maybe it was beacuse of the tape no clue. What kind of tape do you ladies use when you do these kind of mani's?

Other then that both of the polishes are good I needed 2 coats for Grass Slipper and 1 for Going green. The brush for Grass Slipper needs alittle getting use to but other then that everything was good.

Thanks for looking.


  1. I like the colours you used for this. I don't use tape when doing this sort of thing. I think it makes it look *too* perfect and I end up hating it. I just try and brush the colour on as straight as I can and I'm usually happy with it.

  2. Thanks, I love green at the moment :) Me trying to paint straight lines free handed onto my nails hahahahahaha yeah right those lines would be more zig zag lol.



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