August 26, 2010

New P2 Polishes coming soon.

I'm back did you miss me??????

Coming this fall there are loads of new polishes from P2

Here is the site to see them all,-Graffiti-Nagellack-und-Spitzennagelsticker.html

5 pastel colors

041 Blushing Bride (Peach/coral)
042 Being In Heaven (Light Blue)
043 Dream Lover (Vanilla Yellow)
044 Dating Time (Soft Green)
045 Open Your Heart (Light Purple)

Then for all the ladies that like those dark colors for fall there is.....

290 Call Me (Purple)
300 Vibrant (Dark Pink)
310 Trouble (Dark Green)
320 Unforgettable (Teal)

and lets not forget the new crackle polishes they have coming soon

Which is Black and Silver

010 Black Explosion
020 Silver Blast

I personally want Dating Time,Trouble ,Unforgettable,Blushing Bride and the 2 crackle polishes.

Do you see anything you like?

Thanks for looking


  1. I dont see them but would sure love to :)

  2. There it is! Last night when I visited your page it was solid black and I din't have the whole link I was trying to find lol! Thanks!



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