January 23, 2011

CC Magic Attraction with abit of konading

Hallo ladies,

Well it's Monday morning here :( hope everyone had a nice weekend. I was on evilbay this weekend looking for nail polishes like always :) and I seen this girl had alot of different Orly's for sale, I'm guessing she was buying them from the states and trying to sale them here in Germany but not very many people know what Orly is over here inless they live on MUA LOL

I got

Orly Matte top
Orly Cuticle Care Complex
Orly Nails for males (So going to get hubby to let me do he's nails) LOL
Orly Strong Nails Serum
Orly Cutique
Orly Calcium Shield
Orly Wont Chip
Orly Glosser
Orly Ridgefiller Smoothing Primer Basecoat
Orly Nail Armor
Orly Snap

All for 1€ each @_@ I felt kind of bad for her :( but WOO-HOO for me lol

Ok now onto my mani. I love how sparkley Magic Attraction is (Can't believe this has been sitting in my untries forever)Sorry I broke my middle finger nail thats why it's shorter then the rest :(

I used 2 coats of CC Magic Attraction with Wet "n" Wild Black Creme for the nail design color and plate H20

I was hoping that Germany was finally done with snow but nope we are back to snow AGAIN :( Booooooooooo

So what do you think?

Thanks for looking


  1. Hehe I think I know what girl on ebay you're talking about :) Right, she's selling numerous Orly treatments quite often.. But I'm following Orly/OPI/Essie/CG etc brands on German ebay constantly and I'd say the demand is quite high recently.. so are the prices :(



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