October 4, 2011

Essence Vampire's Love Collection Preview

Vampire's Love

vampire diaries, twilight & co… vampire fever is in the air once again this winter. mythical nights, endless love, eerie and beautiful film scenes – it’s so easy to get infected! the new essence trend edition "vampire’s love" ensures a perfect vampire look. blood red lips and pale, shimmering skin with a stylish twist – so mysterious and seductive… with the new products from the essence trend edition "vampire’s love", every girl can be a vampire queen in november 2011.

Eyeshadow palette

this look will make vampires turn green with envy! six colors full of contrasts ensure magical and mysterious eye make-up. no matter whether you apply them individually or in combination, these colors and effects ranging from subtle to intense and ultra-expressive are sure to make the hearts of vampire fans beat faster. available in 01 love at first bite.

Volume lash powder

do you want stunning lashes that will make even the strongest vampire go weak at the knees? the volume lash powder conjures-up a seductive look with extra length and extra volume in seconds. simply apply mascara as usual, sprinkle the powder on your lashes with the practical brush applicator and then apply a second coat of mascara – done! a must-have for those who love a bit of drama! available in 01 eye need you.


blood red lips – until the end of the night! the new lipstain covers your lips in gorgeous red and rosé shades and is particularly long-lasting. it is absolutely smudge-proof and ensures a perfect look at all times – for the ultimate vampire seduction! available in 01 bloody mary and 02 true love.

Blush gelée

a sophisticated pallor? from now on, blushing is allowed – and not just when an endless love affair is sealed with a passionate kiss on-screen. the new blush in an innovative jelly texture is easy to apply and gives your cheeks a gentle pink finish. the pump dispenser is particularly practical when you’re on the go. available in 01 bloody mary.

Shimmer powder

enigmatic, seductive and heavenly. the delicate shimmer powder gives your complexion a gorgeous glow in the sunlight and makes it appear beautifully smooth. an absolute must-have for those who still want a seductive and radiant look when the sun rises. available in 01 lil’ vampire.

Eau de toilette

is there a scent more bewitching than love? this fall, a brand new mystical seduction is in the air: the eau de toilette with its sensual aroma perfectly complements the vampire’s love make-up!

Nail polish

vampire-style to go! five mystical nail polish colors with various effects offer you a trendy fall/winter look right down to the tips of your fingers. available in 01 gold old buffy, 02 into the dark, 03 true love, 04 the dawn is broken and 05 hunt me if you can.

Oh yeah I pretty much want the whole collection :D What about you?


  1. *winces* OMG I want the polishes sooooooooooo bad! I wish so much Essence would release their collections across the pond. They look amazing! If I saw this display in a store I'd buy all the polishes, the blush gelée, AND both of the lip stains, lol! I would definitely consider the eye shadow palette and the shimmer powder too. So much awesome stuff! *lemmings officially formed* :D



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