February 16, 2012

Essence season of extremes Collection Preview

Essence has a new collection coming out called season of extremes Here is what Essence has to say about this collection. boredom was yesterday, spring 2012 is going to be extreme – extremely colorful! with the nail polish trend edition "season of extremes", essence unites two trendy color extremes in march 2012. bright colors are combined with subtle nude shades to create an absolutely unique color experience. whether you go for shimmer, pearl or plain, your nails can expect a true blast of color. one thing is for sure: there are no limits to your creativity. extremely individual and extremely cool! Nail polish color³ creativity to the extreme: the two-tone nail polish nail colour³ focuses on sensational color effects. the two shades can be applied individually or one on top of the other to create a unique third color. summery yellow, bright pink, nude tones or shimmer – this range has them all! your nails are sure to be the ultimate eye-catchers in town. available in three colorful combinations 01 it's two bright, 02 brightsmates and 03 we are all bright and in three soft duo-shades 04 just the nude of us, 05 team nude and 06 my best nude friends and me.
Nail polish live on the bright side of life! the eight colors of the season of extremes nail polish offer everything a girl with a passion for colors could possibly want. the selection of colors is huge and you can reach for flashy tones or subtle shades depending on your mood. available in four bright colors 01 little miss bright, 02 on the bright side, 03 pimp my bright and 04 bright alert! as well as four nude shades 05 nude or what?, 06 the nude the better, 07 nude rules! and 08 did someone say nude?
What do you think about this collection? I'm going have to see them in person but some of the colors look interesting!



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