March 2, 2011

New Haul/Swaps!

Hallo ladies,

I'm sorry for the lack of post's I've been so busy with work and life. I have not even been able to paint my nails (Thats how busy I've been) :(

But I did pick up some new polishes. Catrice came out with new colors O.O there's so many of new beauty's OMG I've got to go back and get the rest (Holo's,Glitter's, Duochrome's and loads of new creme's) I was able to pick up 4 of the new colors! I walked into the store and the sale's lady was putting up the new display and I pretty much jumped over her shoulder to get at the polishes LOL

From left to right

I wear my sunglasses at night (Black polish with multi glitter)
Sir! Yes Sir! (Gray/Olive creme)
Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy (Lime green creme)
Iron Mermaiden (Duochrome)
Wonderland Green Card (From the wonderland collection)

Here is a close up of I wear my sunglasses at night. Can you see all that beautiful glitter?

Here is a close up of Iron Mermaiden.

I also got 2 older P2 polishes from the Meet me at 12:30 collection and 3 Essence polishes from the Whoom! Boooomm!! Collection.

First up the 2 P2 polishes.

From left to right

Dramatic Green (Shimmer Green)
Daring Purple (Shimmer Purple)

Then we have the 3 Essence polishes.

From left to right

Andy, you're a star (Bright orange)
You've got the art (Lime green)
Roy's red (The name is wrong because it's a hot pink)

Now I have to tell a little store about Andy, you're a star. Hubby went to the store with me to pick out some new polishes and when I was looking at the Whoom! Boooomm!! Collection he picked up Andy, you're a star (I was not going to get that one because I have loads of orange colors) and he said babe all these polishes look like the one's you have, then he turned over the bottle and seen what the name of the polish (we call him andy)was and started to put it in the cart, I looked over at him like what are you doing? He's like you got to get this one and I said why? Did you not see the name of this polish? I said yeah so what? he said well baby I am a star so get that one LMAO only in your own little world babe :D

Now onto my 2 swaps I got in the mail.

The first one is from Katherine from necessarynails!

Katherine is so sweet these is are second swap and I could not be more happier with the polishes she got for me :) She sent me my very first Illamasqua how cool is that WOO-HOO!!!

From left to right

FingerPaints Scenery Greenery
China Glaze Snow Globe
FingerPaints Tough Art To Follow
China Glaze Cloud Nine
FingerPaints Sketch n Etch

From left to right

Orly Bonder
Orly Cutique
China Glaze For Audrey
Sally Hansen FireBerry Red
Illamasqua Rampage

I know what your thinking Damn thats alot of green LOL I LOVE ME SOME GREEN NP!!!

Now onto my swap with Crystal A.K.A HoneyBomb from MUA

I was so excited to get this package because of the 3 polishes that I knew was in there, till I opened up the package and seen who was on the card then I did not give a damn about the polishes anymore @_@ I think thats a bad thing LOL wait till you see the card she sent <3

She's so sweet and read my notepad from top to bottom all the extras she sent was something I loved :)

From left to right

Opi Not like the movies
Opi Black Shatter
China Glaze White Cap

Then she sent me Lipsmackers,Lemon hand cream (Lemon is my fav scent),Morning Glory seeds for my garden, hershey's kiss candy cane flavor and the best of all a Johnny Depp card *DROOLS*

YES YES everyone who knows me knows I love Johnny Depp :D

Guess I need to update my stash list now LOL

Thanks for looking.


  1. So amazing!!
    I love everything!!
    I'm jealous!!! Lol
    Have fun with these!

  2. Ohhh Johnny!!!! ~<3~ Nice hauls & swaps, Kesha! Thanks for the pics & your sweet words about ours! ;-) Very cute about your hubby picking up the Andy polish! =D
    I can't wait to see swatches of the Catrice colors especially. You rock! - HoneyBomb

  3. Thanks Rock-or-not I'm going to have so much fun with all these new goodies ;)

    Crystal girl you have no clue johnny is yummy ;) thats my fav poster, I have a huge one hanging in are partyroom in the basement!!



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