June 2, 2011

Essence Nails in Style collection Preview

nails in style

when the summer reaches its height in july, it’s also time to get your finger and toe nails in top shape! because what could be better than creating the perfect nail style to go with your outfit or your favorite high-heels? with the new trend edition “nails in style”, essence is offering a special product collection in july 2011 that will draw all attention to your gorgeous nail. playful nail crystals, seductive nail polishes in cool summer colors or extravagant and innovative nail foils – with the new products by essence, your nails will really be “in style”!

Nail crystals.

they sparkle and glisten like the sun’s reflection on the sea: not only will you capture the rays of the sun with these cute nail crystals, but you can also create gorgeous highlights on your nails! simply apply on nail, cover with clear polish and shine as bright as the sun!

Nail fashion stickers for toes.

trendy, cool and super sexy: the popular nail fashion stickers are now also available for your toe nails! simply stick the foils with your favorite design on your toes in the correct size, file away any overhanging parts and you’re done! for particularly long-lasting results, cover the foils with a coat of clear polish. when your feet are this breathtaking and stylish, you can be sure to enjoy the summer! available in c01 style me mirror, c02 style up for leo, c03 style me pretty and c04 style it luxury.

Nail transfer foil set.

be the trendsetter of the season in just a few easy steps: with the transfer foil set, your nails are guaranteed to be absolute eye-catchers. simply apply the transfer foil glue on your nails according to your desired design (e.g., nail tip, dots, lines) and leave to dry for about three to five minutes. next, place the foil on your nails, press down and rub gently. carefully remove the base paper and your trendy look is done! available in three designs with a holographic effect.

3in1 nail file.

practical, stylish and ideal for perfect nail care! file, smooth and polish: the 3in1 nail file offers just the right graining for every step. thanks to its special ergonomic shape, your nails will be in top shape in a flash!

Nail Polish.

following in the tracks of the summer… four exciting, shimmering nail polishes put a touch of summer on your hands and feet. whether you select a petrol color reminiscent of lampions from a garden party, turquoise blue and holographic shades like the depths of the sea, fruity berry colors like the fruits of the summer or silver like the early-morning horizon – with these polishes, you can set fascinating accents to go with your mood. available in 01 style for summer nights, 02 style me holo, 03 style me love and 04 style-ish baby!

OMG can you believe it Essence is finally coming out with nail foils :D they are reading are minds WOO-HOO LOL I'm excited about these whole collection what about you see anything you like?

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  1. Ooooh! I love the first two polishes! The peacock feather on the bottle cap is 2 cute! <3 <3 <3 That ergonomic file is pretty interesting...



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