May 5, 2011

Catrice Out of Space Collection Preview

Catrice is coming out with a new collection in June called Out of Space. Talk about wow if the polishes look just like the press release then I'm going to be all up on those polishes :D lol Some of the eyeshadows look promising but I'll need to see them in person first.

Baked eyeshadow planets.

C01 Super Nova Skywalker, C02 Back To Pandora, C03 Next Stop: Neptune, Staurn C04 and C05-Day Night Fever Venus vs. Mars

Gel eyeliner.

C01 Empire Behind The Sun, C02 and C03 Houston's Favorite Silver's shuttle.

Effect lipstick.

C01 Discover Purple, C02 My Milkyway Pluto.

Nail Polish.

C01 My Milkyway, C02 Houston's Favorite, C03 Scotty Beam Me! and C04 Moonlight Express.

Eyeliner brush.

Make-up Base.

So what do you think about these collection? Do you see anything you like?

Thanks for looking,


  1. Wow, that looks pretty impressive judging these pictures!

  2. I'd loooove to try Catrice, everything looks so nice! :D You're so lucky to have access to Catrice!! x

  3. wow the collections looks cool from the pictures. I hope the polishes look like that when they are released

  4. Oh my! You've always got the scoop Kesh! Those polishes look right up my alley & the eyeliner brush is nice too. I see a June swap in our future! ;-D



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