May 4, 2011

Pink Wednesday!! Pink Franken!!

Hello my fellow nail lovers,

Today is Pink Wednesday and I picked a franken polish that I made just for Pink Wednesday :) it's a beautiful light pink with a bit of silver shimmer and matte finish, I have not given it a name yet maybe you can help me on that? I used 2 coats for full coverage.

After using my pink franken I wanted to do a little konding so I picked plate M57 and polish Mirror Shine Pink from Avon. I need to use my Mirror Shines more often.

I love the way this mani turned out in my mind the 2 finishes go great together (matte and foil)

Here's a close up of my franken, so what do you think? Help me pick out a name.

If you wish to be apart of are Pink team go (HERE) to sign up the more the merrier

*UPDATE* I'm still counting the giveaway entries so I will let you know who won soon.

Do you like this mani?

Thanks for looking.


  1. I love this pink, and the design is beautiful. ;)

  2. This is a super cute manicure, I like the foil with the matte :)

  3. aww, I love the leopard print. Nice!

  4. I really like this, its really cute. :D for a name I'd go with something like...I don't know ummm... cotton candy pink. Because it reminds me of cotton candy. :D

  5. That's so cool! Love the franken & that's one of the most fun plates out there, I can't get enough! How ironic is this - my bf just released his album & the artwork theme for the CD is pink & blue leopard! Pretty cool! I'd have to suggest a name based on the album - The Kiss of Life and Death, and would say The Kiss of Life would be a nice name for this pink. Love it! <3



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