May 28, 2012

Loads of green!!


I hope everyone is having a fun and safe Memorial Day!

All weekend has been sunny, so hubby and I have been out and about enjoying the beautiful weather! Today is a holiday over here  called "Pfingsmontag" so we are relaxing and grilling. How did you spent your weekend?

Today I felt like sharing my green polishes :) anyone that knows me knows I LOVE green nail polish. So lets get started because there's loads of pictures to go through :D

So thats all I have so far O.o I know what your thinking....aint that enough LOL NOOOOOOOOOOOO NEVER :) Like I said I <3 me some green polishes!!

So what do you think? What is your favorite NP color?

Thanks for looking and if you have any question's just ask and I'll be happy to answer.


  1. own so beautiful a green world!
    you could have put their names as the caption right?


  2. Hello!
    His collection of green is beautiful!

  3. wow, and I thought I have a lot of greens. They're all beautiful. According to my spreadsheet I have the most of purples, reds and greens, all very close in the top. But I find that I wear greens actually a lot less then I would like to, not sure why...

  4. Love your green collection. :)

  5. Thank you :) You can never have to many greens!! I'm still working on my spreadsheet which is taking FOREVER!! LOL



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