January 21, 2013

Monster Lacquer Polish Review

Hallo My Lovely ladies,

Sorry I have not been around to share all these beautiful polishes. I've been sick, So here's a little story of what's been going on. Lately I can't keep anything in me, the minute I eat or drink something it go's right through me and this has been going on for some time now! Hubby had to drive me to the hospital because my lips and tongue started losing it's color (I mean both of them turned WHITE) I wanted to sleep all the time and I felt drained. So I had to undergo a Colonoscopy and a Oesophagogastroduodenoscopy (I think I spelled both of those right) so now I'm just waiting on the test results. Enough of all the sick talk lets get down to business and talk nail polish.

I have a few polishes from Monster Lacquer to share with you. First up we have Hot Mess, Hot Mess is a bright pink that flashes blue with large black circle glitter.

I can't say that I prefer the black circle glitter but you can choose to fish them out if you like, I did for this review. I did have to fish out the glitter but it was not hard to do. I got full coverage after 2 coats.

Next up we have The Blues, The Blues is a blue jelly with holo glitter. I must say this polish is a beaut!!!! Application was amazing and totally easy to work with. I got full coverage after 2 coats.

So what do you think? Do you have any Monster Lacquer polishes and if so do you like them?

You can buy these polishes and many other's from Monster Lacquer at her Etsy Shop.

* This polish was provided to me for my honest, opinion.*

Thanks for looking,

Nail Polish Obsession



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