February 7, 2011

P2 Crackling Black Explosion

Hallo ladies,

Well it's Monday (what else can we say about that but BLAH) lol Ok ok I guess I could say how pretty it is out today, it's still abit cold but you can see Spring is trying to break through :)

Today I have a Crackle mani for ya. I need to get started on trying to figure out what Valentine mani I want to do but my crackle polishes was calling for me.

I wanted to do something alittle more funky then just slapping on one base color so I sat and sat and sat in front of all my polishes to try and pick out 3 colors that would go together. So here's what I came up with.

I used

U.M.A Mr. Perfect All in one basecoat
Orly Charged Up
Orly Hot Shot
Orly Green With Envy
P2 Crackling Black Explosion
Seche Vite Dry fast top coat
Cherry Nail oil

I used 2 coats of each for the base colors and one thin coat of P2 Crackling Black Explosion.

So what do you think?

Thanks for looking


  1. Very cool! I love how you mixed the three different bottom colors! :)



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