February 3, 2011

Catrice Enter Wonderland Collection Preview

The new Catrice Enter Wonderland comes out May/June.


C10 Wonderland Green Card, C20 Miracle Heaven and C30 Lavenderlicious

Nail polish.

C10 Forbidden Apple, C20 Lavenderlicious, C30 Wonderland Green Card and C40 Miracle Heaven.

Tip painter.

C10 Wizard Gold

Eyeshadow Higlighter.

C10 Fairy Dust

Highlighting powder.

C10 Fairy Dust

Lashes to suprise.

Metallic liner.

C10 Miracle Clouds en C20 Miracle Heaven

Eyeshadow brush.

Sparkling lipgloss.

C10 Forbidden Apple, C20 Snow White’s Lips and C30 Alice’s Hatter

Of course I love the green polish, but I do have to say these polish are looking like all the other colors in the core line :( what a shame!!

Do you see anything you like?



  1. I'm pretty sure I need three of the polishes (and if I'm getting three might as well get the other one too--this is how my stash got so large), so hoping I'll be able to find a swap for them.

  2. If I find them I'm sure we can work out a swap :)

  3. Ooohhh, lots of lovely things here! Thanks for the preview! =)I too would love to swap again come May/June! ;-) ~HoneyBomb



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