February 4, 2011

P2 Flamboyant with konading

Hallo ladies,

Well it's finally Friday that means weekend time :D WOO-HOO!!!! Last night while watching TV I felt like trying out some of my new P2 polishes I'd gotten plus I also wanted to do a mani that screamed look at me LOL. So I came up with P2 Flamboyant it's a bright pink, wonderful for the summer after I used 2 coats I started looking at my new stamping plates I'd gotten that day and the wheels in my head started turning :) no I'm not crazy LMAO

Well I think it came out great! Take a look for yourself.

Here's what P2 Flamboyant looks like.

For this mani I used

P2 Flamboyant 2 coats
Black stamping polish for the design
Stamping plate H12

So what do you think?



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