February 22, 2011

I have to get this off my chest!!!!

Some people are F**king ignorant :( I'm so pissed of I could scream!!! I hate people sometimes!!!

People come on WHY OH WHY must you be racist?????? I've never been able to understand why people are racist don't we call bleed the same color? I mean come on this world would be boring if everyone was the same!

In my free time I translate paperwork for couples trying to get married, so the last few days I've been translating 2 couples paperwork so they can start putting there paperwork in to get married over here. I went to the court house to turn in the paperwork because some of them needed the court stamp on them. Well I went in walked up to the desk and handed in the paperwork and waited to they could see that everything was in order, the girl behind the desk was friendly at first till she looked at my name and under her breath she proceeded to talk shit "Why do you white B***hs feel the need to have a black name, have you not done enough to use with all you white racist a@@'s?" WTF??????? I was like excuse me (The whole time shes talking in English because another woman was in the room with us. So I did not want to get ignorant and stoop down to her level!I was like well Amber (She's a black chick and I could of started in on her about the name amber, you don't get many more white with that name but you know whatever)if you have a problem with different races then your working in the wrong job and in the wrong country (because there's so many mixed cultures here)if you don't like it then maybe you need to go back home, it's people like you that make racism worse and you are trying to tell me your pure whatever you seem to think you are? (Shes so lucky I was trying to be grown up about everything cause I wanted to reach across the desk and slap the shit out of her!!!!!!! she just looked at me shocked because I understood her I guess she was thinking I'm not American because I spoke perfect German to her with no accent. When people look at me they think I'm from Spain or Italy because of my Dark hair and eyes!

So once she figured out I spoke English and understood every word she was like trying to change her tone and get me out of there, scared I was going to go to her boss (Maybe I should have)

Come on I'm one of the last people that could or would be racist. I don't think anyone is pure where ever they come from, now a days everyone is mixed with something. I'm mom is half Cherokee Indian and white my father is half Mexican and white my Stepdad is black and my husband is Russian so yeah I'm far from being Racist!!

Did I overreact? Should I have went to her boss?

It just shocks me the way some people think!!!!

Ok rant over!!!


  1. I would have reported the incident, but you acted very professional. I'm sure she'll think hard before spewing out some word vomit.

  2. Like I said Kesha. First thing tomorrow morning call in and ask to the supervisor. If she doesn't get told on she will think she got away with it and have the balls to do it again.

  3. I don't think you overreacted at all. You should report her because that was so ridiculously rude. Even if she thought you didn't understand her, she should have kept it to herself and she shouldn't have been using that kind of language at work anyway. Racism makes me so angry. Kudos for acting professional and not stooping to her level :)

  4. WOW. i know that people are really ignorant these days..but thats BEYOND ignorant. you definitely acted very professional & didnt overreact. but seriously, i would report it too.

  5. I'm with you and with Shannon! Report it! You're surely not the only one she has treated and will treat like that.

  6. you definitely needed to go to her boss or supervisor... if she goes unpunished for this she'll do that again, and again...
    how can people be that 'small' in hart and mind :-/

  7. Definitely report it. Can you imagine what she's said to others who don't understand her?



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