August 26, 2011

Catrice Limited Edition "Bohemia” collection Preview

What Catrice has to say about the Bohemia collection.

A fascinating interaction of patterns, colors and shapes interpreted in a totally new way with warm orange, brown and red shades against the striking contrast of deep cobalt blue. The international catwalks are bubbling with ethnic emotions – a modern ethno style embraces the late summer with a breathtaking look.

The Limited Edition “Bohemia” by CATRICE captures this mood perfectly and transports the hip new bohemian style from the international fashion cities of the world to the present. From September until October 2011, the new ethno look will be conquering the streets. ”Bohemia by CATRICE” offers everything we love this season and fulfils all our desires.

Absolute Eye Colour Mono.

Bohemian beauties love warm terracotta and deep indigo – sensual ethno nuances are the ultimate eye make-up trend this season! Tradition offers the inspiration while the intensive pigmentation and shimmering effects ensure endless creative styling options.

C01 My Home Is My Sand Castle
C02 Yes, You Tan!
C03 Bring me Terra Copper!
C04 Be Indiglow!

Loose Powder Eyeliner

Ethno elegance de luxe with loose powder in a sophisticated black or blue color. Thanks to the soft professional flock applicator, it can be applied easily and gently. Depending on the desired finish, this eyeliner is suitable to create a delicate line or for soft blending. We love the clever contrast when combined with the warm terracotta shades of the Bohemia eye shadows.

C01 Be Indiglow!
C02 Nap In The Shade

Definition Bronzer

Capture it all – tanned skin, the sun and the summer! This gentle powder with an unusual 3D paisley design subtly emphasizes the contours of your face.
The formula: pure summer, light with a fine bronze shimmer.
The results: perfect!

Lip Gloss

Glossy lips – as warm and natural as the earth and the sun. This lipgloss underlines the sensual finish of the new Bohemian style with a subtle shimmer that makes your lips look even fuller! We can feel the delicate texture as we experience the breathtaking look!

C01 My Home Is My Sand Castle
C02 Yes, You Tan!
C03 Bring me Terra Copper!
C04 Looking Sunkissed

Ultimate Nail Laquer

Bright ethno colors with metallic effects are THE nail polish trend of the season! Perfect the Bohemia look right down to the tips of your fingers with high color-intensity and ideal shine that lasts up to seven days. Choose between stylish orange, passionate red and terracotta brown as a contrast to the intensive blue? Impossible! We want them all!

C01 Yes, You Tan
C02 Bring me Terra Copper!
C03 Looking Sunkissed
C04 Be Indiglow!

So what do you think about this collection? Some of the polishes look promising but I'll have to see them in person.


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