August 19, 2011

P2 Trouble / P2 Pink it up!

Hallo ladies,

I has the sad :( my France trip is dimming by the min...... BOOOOOOOO :( I hope it will still work out!!

Ok I have 2 beautiful color's that I think go great together!! P2 Trouble is a lime green and P2 Pink it up! is a bright pink. I wanted to do something bright and summery since theres been very little sun here :( I used 2 coats of Trouble then I wanted to try one of my faux plates (I'm loving this design) for the design I used Pink it up! Check out that combo, they sure pop!!

I tried a new top coat and as you can see a bit of the design smeared :( either I did not wait long enough for Pink it up to dry or this top coat SUCKS!!!! I'll have to use it again to be sure.

So what do you think about this mani?

Thanks for looking,


  1. This is a great color combination. Very summery!

  2. I love this mani! P2 seems to be a very interesting brand, unfortunately it isn't sold here in Italy but I hope I could try a couple of these polishes in the future! :)



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