August 11, 2011

Quick question!

Ok ladies,

I have a question. Is any of my follower's from France or has anyone gone shopping in France? The reason why I'm asking is because Hubby and I are going on vacation to France and I wanted to know what kind on NP brands I should be looking for or if you could tell me what stores sale NP that would be helpful.

So if you could be so kind as to answer my question that would be great!!

We've been to France before but I was not a crazy NP junkie as I am now :D Here's a few pictures we toke last time.

Me and the hubby :)

This is where NAPOLEON BONAPARTEE'S casket is and it's also a war museum.

Notre Damen it's so beautiful inside!!

Thanks and I hope you enjoyed the pictures,


  1. Be sure to go to a Monoprix. One is on the Champs Elysees. They sell food and clothes, but they also have a cosmetics department. They have nail polish brands like nivea, hello kitty, colorama and some French brands as well. I have been to Paris twice and I go there for my nail polish. Sephora has nothing special you can't find anywhere else.

  2. Monoprix is for sure a good place to go to. I live in Geneva, near the French border and often go to my closest Monoprix. As Steffie said, you can find many brands there. I like the Nivea Calcium polishes (Hot coral, Earthy Brown, Spicy Pink etc.). Debby and Deborah (2 Italian brands?) have some nice NP as well. Try going to a Nocibe (Sephora type shop), you fill find Agnès B (a famous French fashion designer) makeup and NP. It's a good brand but the colors aren't very exciting.
    You absolutely have to try Mavala polishes and treatments (a Swiss brand) if you haven't already. They have a great color range of nail polishes, their prices are good and the quality is very good. I like colors such as Beirut, Juicy, Nice, Curaçao blue, Cyclades blue, Marron glacé etc. You can find Mavala in pharmacies and parapharmacies.

    Let me know if you want some info on other European cosmetics/makeup companies only found in France. I'm a beauty junkie and have tried pretty much every product I can get my hands on!

  3. Thanks ladies :) I will try to find Monoprix. Yeah I can get Agnes B over here I have some of there NP but I mostly buy there eyeshadows. Yes please tell me about some other European brands.

  4. Love the pics Kesha! Thanks for sharing! Wish I could help on the np stores in France, but unfortunately I'm on the other side of the pond & have never been. Anxious to see what you end up hauling from your trip! Have fun! =)



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