August 5, 2011


Hallo ladies,

WOO-HOO It's finally Friday :D do you have plans this weekend? Even though I've been missing in action on here LOL does not mean I've stopped doing swaps and hauling loads of polishes, so I wanted to share with you some of my amazing finds.

Ok lets start off with the swaps :)

I was so excited about these ones :D

The new loves of my life ;)

Can you tell what some of these beauties are? Lets just say a few HTF OPI'S :D

Ok thats it for the swaps (I'm guessing thats enough right?) LOL

Now onto my hauls :)

I got my hands on OPI DS Sapphire.

I was also able to find Clarins 230's cousin. As you can see they are labeled the same number but one is a dud can you guess which one is Clarins 230's cousin?

Ok thats all I have for now, there was like no end to this post HAHAHAHAHA!! If you have any questions about the polishes just ask.

Thanks for looking,



  1. so what kinda polish is this mysterious Clarins 230 cousin? :)

  2. Holy crap that's a lot of polish!! And the CG Aroma they smell like coffee?!? Crazy!

  3. Wow so many!!
    I'm jealous lol!!
    Have fun with all this!!

  4. wow, so many great polishes, great swaps! can't wait to see these swatched

  5. @Headtofoot Clarins 230 cousin is BeYu 209

    @Angie yes they smell like Coffee once they are dry.

    @Rock-or-not thanks I will :)

    @Hermetic I can't wait to see full manis myself LOL

  6. thx, bought it today :) And paid attention to the tip you gave on Twitter - it has the 31 on the back :)
    Absolutely beautiful!

  7. Sweeeeeet polish!!!! Ooo, do tell how you like the Aroma Cafes! What's the ChG in pic 3? Rodeo Fanatic??? I like! Aren't those A-Rainbow holos great? I was gifted one, LOVE! The p2 Lace polishes look really nice too. Congrats on the new beauties!



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