September 3, 2011

Essence Urban Messages collection Preview

Essence has a new collection that just hit stores this month (September) called Urban Messages.

Here is what Essence has to say about the collection.

Urban Messages

they are rough, edgy and often full of color – the large metropoles of the world fascinate us with their extreme contrasts. on the one hand, they are polished to a shine and on the other hand, there is graffiti on almost every street corner. yet these stylish graffiti masterpieces give these cities their very own personality! from September until October 2011, essence takes a closer look at modern street scenes around the world with its trend edition “urban messages”. inspired by the energetic atmosphere and creative graffiti styles, six cool products in trendy colors invite you on a global trip to the most awesome cities around the world.

essence urban messages eyeshadow

it looks like street chalk and is just as silky: the new eyeshadow chalks are available in four expressive colors and personify unlimited street feeling. now your eyes are sure to be just as eye-catching as the most extraordinary graffiti in town! the unusual pen-shape makes it super-easy to apply and shouldn’t be missing from your purse this fall! available in 01 street styler, 02 skyscraper, 03 it peace, 04 nightline and 05 wall of fame.

essence urban messages eyeliner pen

whether you’re on your way to explore the city during the day or heading out on a secret graffiti mission at night: with these eyeliner pens, you’re sure to create an extremely accurate and long-lasting line for intensive looks. available in 01 street styler, 02 skyscraper and 03 nightline.

essence urban messages lipstick

reminiscent of manhattan skyscrapers, this lipstick is a true eye-catcher - in your purse and on your lips! strong coral or subtle rosé and grey shades provide your lips with gorgeous accents and turn every stroll around the city into a true walk of fame! available in 01 let’s paint the city, 02 it peace and 03 skyscraper.

illuminating face and body spray

with the illuminating face and body spray, your skin will shimmer like the millions of lights of the city skyline at night. a delicate glow gives you a radiant look that perfectly complements your urban street style. available in 01 let’s paint the city.

urban messages eau de toilette

the urban messages eau de toilette spreads a touch of big city flair with its cool spray can design. fresh and light – just the right thing for true city girls who love to follow the latest trend, no matter whether it’s all about make-up or a seductive scent!

essence urban messages nail polish

extremely cool, extremely off-beat and so metropolitan! five modern high-shine polishes guarantee ultra-stylish nails that perfectly embody the liveliness of life in the city. thanks to the particularly long-lasting texture, these gorgeous nail polishes are sure to survive any big city adventure – even if it lasts until late at night! available in 01 street styler, 02 skyscraper, 03 it peace, 04 nightline and 05 wall of fame.

So what do you think about this collection?


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