September 27, 2011

A few updates

Hallo ladies,

I hope your having a good week so far. I've been busy busy!! Hubby and I are trying to redo are house that we bought (LOADS OF WORK) but we are having fun!! :) Well we are redoing the bathroom upstairs and in doing so I pretty much broke off all my nails, so I had to file the others down :( now they are baby nubs *CRIES* so I'm going have to wait for them to grow back before I can show you my hands again.

I'm going to be updating my stash collection and also wanted to know if you'd like to see my Konad/Faux plate collection? I have a huge eyeshadow collection so I wanted to know if you'd like to see them too?



  1. Yay for a new house and fixing it up. :) Boo! for breaks. Happily, they will grow back.

    It's your blog, so show what you want to. I like stash pics, be they polish or makeup. I am a nosy creeper like that.
    So trot out whatever you want to. :D



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