September 1, 2011

Swaps/ Hauls

Ladies ladies,

I wanted to share some new swaps and hauls I've gotten. I can't swatch Clarins 230 or BeYu 209 yet since we are not getting much sun in this part of the world :( so it would be a waste.

Ok lets start off with the swaps.

This is a swap from Singapore.

This one is from my favorite swap buddy Crystal shes a green freak like me. Hubby laughed when I opened this package, he was like "Damn baby think you got enough green yet?" LOL

Now check out this package. Can you see what that OPI polish is? OMG it's Whats Dune @_@

This swap is from a sweet girl in Singapore. My first 2 Make Up Store polishes WOO-HOO!!

Thats it for the swaps so far but I have more coming in the mail :D because of the 3 lovely swaps from Singapore, I now own the whole Rainbow collection.

Ok now onto my hauls.

Ok thats is for now!! I was wondering I have loads of nail wheels and wanted to know would you ladies like to see swatches of all my polishes?

Thanks for looking,



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