April 29, 2010

German Essence display's

I toke some picture's today of the german Essence display, as many people have asked me what they look like soooooooooo here you go ladies DROOL away LOL :)

Here are some of the Essence nail polish remover with scent

Left to right

* Coconut with vanilla
* Strawberry with vanilla
* Blackberry with vanilla

Thank for looking.


  1. i love Müller for having all the Essence things :D
    from the be a nail artist le: i can see that they've replaced the Fimo fruits with things of their permanent display- they did that here too ^^

  2. I wish I can reach out and grab those essences!!! lol!!!

  3. I can not believe how lucky you are! In South Africa they don't stock half that stuff, there are always like 5 colours of polishes, the french sticker guides and then they are sold out of the pretty stickers. That's all that they stock.

    I saw on their website that they stock nail art gems and pretty things I wish we had that here. T_T I'd take you a photo of our shops one but here we're not allowed to take photo's in shops.



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