April 26, 2010

Need a hair cut.

Hello Ladies. i'm in need of your opinion as i can't deside. My hair has become to long again, the tips of my hair is almost touching my butt :) I love long hair but because i have thick,wavey and the ends curl it gets to be to heavy and I end up getting headaches. So I want to change it again. Should I get bangs cut straight across or side bangs or no bangs maybe go back to black or stay brown.

Here's me with black hair and straight across bangs.

With black hair and my bangs blowen back.

Black hair with no bangs.

Brown hair with bangs.

Brown hair with no bangs.

And last but not least brown hair bangs with short hair, cut to my shoulders

So ladies what do you think?


  1. I like picture #3 with no bangs :)

  2. That is freaky because that is also MY fave. Black without fringe (which is what we call it in England).

  3. i love it with side bangs and without (i like both colours- black&brown on you :) )



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