April 27, 2010

Halloween make-up and nail polish

Since This blog is new I wanted to post afew of my older Pic's

This one is from Halloween 2009

I love Halloween (My favorite holiday)

For this look I used Paris Memories (From Belgium) Quattro there is no name for the quat just the number 22 these eyeshadows are cheap but really good, for eyeliner (Upperline) I used Essence eyeliner pen (Lowerline)I used Manhattan x-treme last eyeliner. Now lets talk lips :) I love Red lipstick For this one I used Agnes B. Rouge Tulipe and on top of that I used UMA Lip Shinegloss

Lipstick on the left.

I used the last 2 on the right (Black and Red)

This is the look I came up with :)

For my nails I used these 2 cuties

* Fingers Orange and Black

Yes I have a couple of screws loose :) But I already told you that LOL

Thanks for looking.


  1. :O
    You have nail polish bottles shaped like cats.

    That is the cutest bottle since the icecream cone shaped bottles!



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