April 29, 2010

Maybelline has a new look

Woo-Hoo maybelline finally had a make over :) about time i'd say :) I'm liking this new look. The nail polishes bottles are so cute. I did not pick up any polishes but i'm so going back to get some (Loving the yellow and green ones).

Do you see anything you would buy? I know you nail junkie's are drooling over the polishes :D

Thanks for looking.


  1. Girl, don't rub it in...you know I am drooling. lol!!! I wonder will we be getting these in the US?

  2. I love it when producers do new looks. :)

  3. Sorry I had to rub it in :D I'm sure at some point you guys will be getting it,see Essence finally made it to you guys ;)Keep your fingers crosses LOL



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