April 26, 2010

Essence Twin Swatches

Hello Ladies, I hope you had a good weekend :) Mine was ok this cold is still kicking my butt at least I can finally get up and move around without feeling pain in every joint and i'm getting my voice back, I know hubby was enjoying the silence going on around here LMAO

Ok now on to the Essence swatches you've all been waiting for :)

Just a heads up with this pic, I toke it pre clean as i'm not feeling well but I wanted to do the swatches also the lighting was kind of bad :( Still trying to figure out the settings on this darn cam.

On my thumb I used Thelma (She's a jelly) it's a beautiful eggplant purple I had to put 3 coats on. With this one you have to work fast with the coats cause she drys fast. Other then that no problems with her. Only in the light can you see shes a beautiful dark purple color, other then that she looks black :(

On my index finger I used Bonnie (Shes's a creme) I normal don't buy blues cause for whatever reason blue's don't look good on me, but I had to get this polishes cause it's my mom's name :) and the glitter twin that go's with her carrys my grandpapas name :) I used 2 coats of her (But be careful with this one you have to have a good basecoat on cause bonnie stains your nails.

On my Middle finger I used Mr.Big (She's a creme) I used 2 coats of her also. She's more of a pastel (Good for an easter mani) not really my kind of color I liked it better when i added carrie to it. (Of course I did as i'm a bling bling kind of girl)

On my ring finger I used Romeo (She's a shimmer) Only 1 coat of this one. Beautiful without adding Shiny Star to it.

On my pinky finger I used Joe (She's a creme) 2 coats for this one. She's also a pastel, also liked her better with glitter over it :)

Now on to the glitter (My fav) lol

This picture was taken the next day cause we finally got some sun, so that means I walked around all day with just one hand painted so I could take some good glitter pics LMAO

All of the glitter polishes have the same square glitter in them, but what makes each one different is the small glitter that was added to them so that they match there twins :) You can't use these polishes without having a darker polish under them cause they are all clear when put on bare nails.

If you want to see a full mani with these polishes let me know, I can do a full mani for ya.

Thanks for looking.



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