April 28, 2010

Agnes B. Magnet polishes

Agnes B. Magnet polishes are the bomb :) They make a totally different design then the L'oreal star magnet polishes (I have 2 of those) The design Agnes makes are strips going across your nails (Light and dark ones)

From left to right

* Prune Galaxie (Purple)
* Vert Sirene (Forest Green)
* Cuivre Rose (Pink with Gold)
* Brun Hypnotic (Brown)

They are all Shimmers

As you can see I love the green one :D Green seems to be my fav no matter what polish it is. Bring on the greens!!!!!

Here is a quick swatch of the green one. Only need one coat.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Those are awesome!!! Love the bottles. I only have 1 star magnet and it's in my untrieds :( lol!! I like the stripe effects of those :)

  2. i only have one of those and hate the fact that the e-tailer who carries them only ships to germany, not to austria (they've had/have a great sale ongoing and I would have bought plenty of polishes)

  3. Where did you get these? So freaking cool!!

  4. WHAT?! That is the most amazing thing I've seen in a long time!! WHERE? HOW?!
    This Canadian must have!


  5. Agnes b. is a paris brand. I ordered them from there website. I always wait till they have sales going on cause they normally cost 16.50 but they only ship to germany.

  6. Why is it that every other country has all the cool stuff!?!?!

  7. Wow..amazing! Germany is only a few hours away from The Netherlands..ugh..so close...must..have..this... :-)

  8. i love this one and i also love the green one...



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