October 20, 2010

Have you seen the new Alessandro Go Magic twist polishes

Alessandro has come out with 4 amazing magnetic polishes.

Germany seems to be getting into Magnetic polishes this year :)

Essence is coming out with 5 magnetic polishes (star design) in Nov/Dec
Agnes B. has 4 magnetic polishes (Stripe Design)

Now we have Alessandro magnetic polishes how cool is that?

Wild Purple

Queen Berry

Blue Chip

Bombastic Brown

Here is how you get your design on the nail. (Sorry it's only in german but if you have magnetic polishes then I'm sure you know how to work these babies) :)

They come out in store (October) but I have not been able to find them yet, I hope to get my hands on them soon. Maybe I have to go to a bigger part of town. They are a bit pricey € 15.95 each. but so worth it.

So what so you think?

Thanks for looking.


  1. I think I would like the blue and the brown.

  2. wow these look awesome! I hope the US gets them soon!

  3. I've seen them at only one store (yet)- Müller has them a bit cheaper i think- they were ~13€, not sure about the prices at Douglas

  4. If you do get your hands on these I'd love to do a swap for some of them! I'm in the U.S. ~ email is PolishFreshie at AOL dot com if you're interested!



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