October 11, 2010

New Haul

Since Friday was my birthday I spoiled myself a bit with more nail polish (LIKE I NEED SOME MORE) :D

I found the new Essence Show Off! Collection. From left to right.

* Like A Doll
* Here I Am
* Chica
* Rock "N" Red

I picked up some of the new P2 colors and 2 new Essence and 1 Catrice that I've never seen before.

Left to right

* P2 Trouble
* P2 Being In Heaven
* P2 Unforgettable
* P2 Open Your Heart
* P2 Dating Time

With flash.

Without flash.

From left to right.

P2 Stromy
P2 Dream Lover
P2 Gigantic
Catrice Run Forest Run
Essence Trendsetter
Essence Choose Me!

With flash.

Without flash.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Those are so really pretty sets :)

  2. you got some very pretty colors. can't wait to see swatches. happy late birthday

  3. Late congrats for your birthday!! That green Catrice looks interesting, pics soon please :-)

  4. I've never seen those Essence polishes before, are they new?

  5. Yes they are the new Show Off collection that came out this month.



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