October 17, 2010

Make up look

I'm not sure if you ladies are interested in make up looks, but I wanted to share one of my sides LOL

What I used.

Manhattan 2 in 1 compact powder and make up in one (Color in rose)
Bottom eyeliner: Manhattan X-Treme last eyeliner (Black)
Top eyeliner: Essence eyeliner pen (Black)
Eyebrows: Isadora eye brow pencil (Black)
Mascara: U.M.A WOW false lash effect (Black)
Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion
Eyeshadow: Isadora Eyeshadow Quartet 31 Gold (It has 4 eyeshadows with no names) 2 different browns, 1 beige and 1 gold.
Lip Liner: Mary Kay Dark Berry
Lip Stick: Maybelline Jade Water Shine Toffee

Well thats it hope you like it.

Thanks for looking.


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