November 30, 2010

Alessandro Go Magic Royal Crash Polish

Hallo ladies,

I wanted to share the new Alessandro crack polish sets that have come out.

These sets started showing up in stores this month (Nov) There are 2 sets to choose from gold or silver. The sets comes with base coat (gold or silver) black crack polish and top coat. The bottles are abit small 5ml which is not alot considering what you have to shell out for these babies 14,95€ per set. Thats alot to be paying right?

Now if you want crackle polishes your best bet is to get P2 crackling top coat, they sale for 1.75€ and have 11ml in the bottle.

So what do you think about the Alessandro crackle sets?

Thanks for looking.


  1. Wow, that's very expensive!
    I'd rather get a cheap black crackle polish to layer over a gold or silver polish I already have.

  2. super expensivo but i like the effect! i wouldn't complain about getting the gold one :)

  3. The sets are really cute and perfect for the stocking :)

  4. Amazing! You have to see the video on the Alessandro facebook. Never seen before



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