November 29, 2010

My mom Rocks!!!!!!!

This weekend I got 2 box's full of goodies from my amazing mom!!

I can't believe so many polishes went through customs with no problem. I was worried when she wanted to send me so many at 1 time. I live in Germany and she lives in the states. I was thinking she was going to send all the polishes which was over 200 but nope I only got alittle over 70 right now the rest will come later.Which polish should I try first? Such a hard choice :D

Here are the names of all the polishes.

CG Spellbound 4 pc set
CG Ghoulish Glow
CG Bad Kitty
CG Carnival Lights
CG Cosmic
CG Meteor Shower
CG Coconut Kiss
CG Short & Sassy
CG Thunderbird
CG Paper Chasing
CG Tinsel
CG Ruby Pumps
CG Red Stallion
CG Wagon Trail
CG Side-Saddle
CG Flying Dragon
CG Celtic Sun
CG Wireless Holographic Top Coat
CG Lubu Heels
CG Kaleidoscope Him Out
CG He's Going in Circles
CG Fairy Dust
CG Ravishing Dahling
CG I'm Not Bitter
OPI Boris & Natasha
OPI Siberian Nights
OPI An Affair in Red Square
OPI Ruble for Your Thoughts
OPI Suzi Says DA!
ORLY Orange Punch
ORLY Liquid Vinyl
ORLY Once Upon a Time collection
ORLY Sea of Light
ORLY Midnight Star
ORLY Golden Jubilee
ORLY Mandalay Ruby
ORLY Golden Maharaia
ORLY Star Of Bombay
ORLY Charged Up
ORLY Heat Wave
ORLY Live Wire
ORLY Hot Shot
ORLY Green with Envy
ORLY Green Apple
ORLY Tiara
ORLY Hook Up
CC Magic Attraction
CC Sultry Diva
CC Art of Seduction
CC Sexy Siren
CC Object of Envy
CC Tru Passion
CC Explosive
CC Power Play

Now my new problem is where to put all these new babies? I have no more ROOM!

Thanks for looking.


  1. Well, what an utterly fabulous haul.

  2. Wow! You have got to introduce me to your mom; looks like she's got some great sources to buy from to get all those. :)

  3. Wooooow your mom is AWESOME! Mine would never do that, I think. I have a little bit over a 100 polishes right now, I'm not even allowed to buy ANY polish until january! what kind of mom is THAT? :( Try ChG OMG first! That one is awesome!

  4. Wahou you're so lucky!!
    It makes me dream!!

  5. they are gorgeous!!
    you have a lovely mom

  6. That must have been the best package to open! Tell your mum I said hi ;-)

  7. Yes. Your mom rocks. She rocks so very very awesomely.

  8. yea, your mom is SUPER awesome!!!

  9. WOW! your mum's amaziiiinnggg!!!!
    newer saw so many polishes at once...well, excluding my helmer LOL

  10. wow your mum is the orly ones!!!

  11. Totally drooling over all that nail polish!! Your mom rocks!

  12. She just qualified for Mother Of The Year!! When my Mom saw the number of polishes I have, she tried to make me purge : (

  13. Omg! Your mom rocks :D I wish my mom would be as cool as yours :(

  14. Wow how generous!! :D High-five for your mom! o/

  15. OMG your mother is so cool!my mom i gets a heart atack if i would told her to buy me so many polishes,lucky you.

  16. Thanks ladies, yes my mom totally rocks!!! It helps being an only child :D Mom does not understand my hobby, when I told her I had over 700 bottles of polishes she said " Damn kesha do you even use all of them" all I said was yeah I'm getting around to it!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  17. Oh wow, even I love your mom for sending packages like that!
    I only just discovered this blog, but I'm loving it so far. :)



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