November 17, 2010

Giveaway winner!

Hallo ladies,

I finally went through the entries and wrote down how many points everyone has. I picked the winner the old fashion way, I wrote everyones names (How many depending on how many points they had) then I added all those little strips of paper put them in a bag mixed them up and had hubby pick out a name.

Now onto the winner DRUMS ROLL PLEASE!!!!!!!! and the winner is PolishPig congrats to you, I will be writing you an email after this post.

I want to thank everyone for entering my first giveaway and for understanding on it taking me some time to go through the entries, next time it will be faster.


  1. Congrats to polish pig, enjoy the new pretties :)

  2. congratulations to the winner and thank you again for this giveaway !

  3. Ohh!

    Happy, happy, happy *makes a silly dance*

    What great news! I've been a little under the weather recently, not making any new posts, just clinging to my daily must-do-now things. This gives me so much joy and energy. Perfect timing!

    Thank you!! :-D

  4. Hmm,
    I can't find your mail. Maybe it was caught in spam filter and deleted by my mistake.
    My personal mail is:

    You will get a reply to this ASAP with my address. Thanks again!




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